Five Ways To Use Custom Pens To Promote Your Business

July 16, 2022

Promoting your business in the digital era can be a complicated endeavor. Social media, changes in traditional outlets, and other factors have dramatically changed the promotional game. That means you need to find new ways to get your name out there. One of the best ways to do this is by using custom pens to promote your business. Pens are an easy to use promo item that have a great return on investment. Here are five of our favorite ways to use custom pens to promote your brand:

Use Branded Logo Pens

One of the most obvious and perhaps best ways to leverage pens at your business is to offer pens that are branded with your logo. Think about when you visited a store or business and saw a brand’s logo and advertising. When you walk into the store, you notice the logo all around, but sometimes you might forget. This is a pretty common problem with printed advertising materials, and sometimes logos can be small or difficult to read. Sometimes they might not be as memorable as the business wants them to be. Whatever the case, it is important to try to ingrain that logo in your customers’ minds. Using pens to do it provides a constant reminder whenever they use the item, making it more likely they will revisit your business. When designing your custom pen order, make sure your logo is clear and legible. If possible, choose an outline of your brand’s font to make it consistent with all other printed materials designed by you or by someone else at your company. Ideally, your pens should be consistent with other advertising materials to create an overall polished look. The brand should be recognizable without being complicated and logos don’t need to include slogans or any other information other than your location/contact info. Making the most out of your amazing promotional pens is key to driving business, so get it right the first time and get ready to reap the rewards of having an amazing promotional product.

Give Them Away At Trade Shows

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, nobody was going to trade shows or conventions. With all of that behind us at this point, those events are coming back in style. That means you can take the opportunity to drive more interest in your company by handing out pens at these shows. Whenever you are attending a custom trade show, be sure to load up on a complement of pens to give away and hand out as goodwill items for your company. If your company is new and you’re trying to get your name out there, this can be quite effective from a marketing perspective and help gain potential leads. Ultimately, it is only one outlet for distributing your custom logo pens, but it can be a very effective one at the very least.

Give Pens To Existing Customers

Promotional pens are not just for gaining interest or finding new customers. You should also give them to your existing customers/clientele. Pens are one of the most useful items around the office and they are also a great way to promote your brand while making things more convenient for everyone involved. Plus there is nothing like using a nice pen that feels good in your hand — even if it just has your company logo on it. Pens are one of the best promotional items, but you do not want to just sit on a load of pens to have around your workplace. Give them away to your clients. This can create a chain reaction of them giving them away to clients of their own, family members, friends, and more. This gets your marketing message out and shows that your company cares about its customers. The same thing works for handing them out to employees. If you have an all hands meeting or a conference, why not hand out pens at the end so employees can give them to family members and keep the chain going? Ultimately, this is a sound marketing strategy that can help Drive interest in any business big or small.

Give Custom Pens Away Through A Loyalty Program 

There are many ways to show you care about customer loyalty. Another unexpected use of promotional pens is to give them away birthday, anniversary, or spending threshold gifts for your customers. If you have a customer loyalty program or an email list, you can provide a voucher to your guests as a way of driving additional business to your company. If they hit a certain spending threshold, if it is their birthday, or if it is the anniversary of when they join the list, maybe they can get a free pin for their loyalty. You can give away the pens as a special gift for spending certain amounts as well. Since pens can be customized and are not always generic, you can offer certain limited run pins for these endeavors. This might be a pen with a stylus tip, a gel pen, or an engraved pen featuring your logo. Using them as gifts for your customers is a great way to build a rapport and generate more business over time.

Give Pens Away At Corporate Events

Pens are a great way to promote your business, even at the corporate level. Consider using custom pens as giveaways at corporate events or shareholder meetings. When people come into these events and see that everyone else has been given something special from the company, they will want one too! But remember the key to using pens for your business is to make sure you’re giving the right kind of pen. If you want to give away promotional pens, make sure that the quality of the pen is high and that you are giving away something that is not junk. Invest time and money into finding a supplier who can create something beautiful for your company, and get ready to be impressed when it pays off in the long run as customers come back again and again we’ll into the future.

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