The Most Incredible Life Hacks For Beginner Bookmakers

July 16, 2022

First, choose those bookmakers that have received a license from Cyprus. Bookmakers often claim that they operate legally, relying on licenses from other countries. This is manipulation because no other licenses, except Cyprus, are valid in our country.

Second, determine your sports bets live bankroll, the amount you allow yourself to lose. Remember that betting on sports is more fun than a way to make money, so do not beat yourself up for losing money, and do not try to “win back a loss.” Instead, allow yourself to spend a certain amount on bets without expecting to win. This will make the game much more enjoyable and relieve you of unnecessary stress.

Thirdly, choose “ordinary” rates. Ordinary bets are single bets on individual events. With such bets, it is much easier to calculate the possible winnings – you only need to multiply the coefficient by the bet amount.

What bookmaker offers will allow players to save their own money?

First of all, you should activate the welcome bonus immediately after registration. This is because Cyprus bookmakers, as a rule, offer to double the first deposit. That is, whatever amount you enter on the site, it will be doubled if you use the welcome bonus.

Freebets are another type of win-free bonus. Translated from English, they are called: free bets. The idea is that the bookmaker gives you free bets for fulfilling certain conditions, and you can place bets on the amount of these free bets. If you win, it is yours; if you lose, you will not lose anything.

Always pay attention to whether the site offers increased odds. They usually appear two days before the sporting event and can be spotted by special marks next to the odds.

Another way to protect your wallet from losing weight is to use the cashout function. Cashouts allow players to withdraw money if they change their mind or when it becomes clear that a bet will lose. Of course, the withdrawal amount will vary depending on how much time is left until the end of the match and on the success of the team.

Single rates

Ordinaries are the simplest type of bet. Most bookmakers use them most often. The ordinary profit is calculated very simply. The size of the bet is multiplied by the coefficient. All beginners choose this type of bet. Double Chance gives you the opportunity to play not one event but two. For example, you can bet money on:

  • the victory of each team
  • the victory of one of the teams and a draw
  • the probability that the bet will pay increases. But the quotations, in this case, are offered much lower

Handicap (handicap) is the best option when one of the participants gets an advantage at the start. This is done to equalize the chances of the predicted result. This type of bet offers to bet on the number of points or goals scored. The bookmaker gives a specific value. Then, the bettor has to guess whether the game’s score will reach or exceed this number.

Multiple bids

This type is divided into two types: simple and complex bets. Simple ones include express trains and systems.

  • Express. These are bets on the outcome of two or more events. The player needs to guess all the events to win. The more events in the express, the less likely you will be able to predict all of them accurately.
  • System. This is a collection of express trains. The bettor can choose the option of the system on which he bet money: “three out of four”, “two out of five,” or “four out of six”. Complex bets are called multiple bets when you are offered to bet on several unrelated events.

Additional rates

This is the name of the popular bet among most experienced gamblers:

  • on the exact account
  • bets on one of the halves
  • goalscorer bets
  • both will score
  • the number of yellow cards and much more

Very high odds are offered for these types of bets.

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