Why is PR important in the era of global digitization?

December 13, 2017

In an online world, marketing and PR need to be digital as well. Digital PR may bear a shadow of semblance to traditional public relations, but the strategies are different. Digital PR should be the mantra of every new business going online and every nascent brand. Entrepreneurs can find dedicated followers and new markets owing to digital marketing and PR strategies.

The first step of going digital

You can dive into digital PR if you have an understanding of the traditional counterpart. The basics are the same, and yet, digital PR offers a more expansive reach into rewarding target audience spaces. You can seek help from already known and trusted brands to build your brand image and define your business persona. A digital marketing company is the first step you need to take if you want your business to dominate the current market.

During these trying times, having help from known networks and sites like The Daily Buzz™ – Co-op Media Tours – KEF Media can set your business in motion. Having reputed brand names adjacent to your brand name can help you garner more trust, reliance, and loyalty from your target audience. In fact, finding a news site or infotainment site that shares a common interest with you, can also help you locate your target market much faster. Overlapping target markets for non-competing businesses are a reality, and it results in the mutual benefit of both companies.

Finding your target audience

Websites that carry news about women’s rights, empowerment movements, cyberfeminism, domestic feminism, education and feminism, sexual health and sexual autonomy, feminism and activism, and similar topics can easily come to the limelight holding hands of other popular yet serious news sites like The Daily Buzz. It not only acts as a vessel for the new blog sites and services, but it also helps the new women-centric sites to acquire respect from the followers of the existing news site.

Social media doesn’t hurt, but it doesn’t help

Many blogging sites only rely on social networks and social media channels for PR. Over 92% of all internet users in the USA are on social networks. This makes the like of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram the hot place to be for most brands. However, there are millions of brands on social media trying to establish their domain. The going gets tough if your brand is new and you do not have a niche followership.

Recent statistics show that US millennial adults do not like reading newspapers, magazines or watching infotainment on television. Over 70% of American adults between the age of 18 and 35 years get their daily dose of infotainment from social media. However, it is also true that social media shares from reliable sources, including The Daily Buzz, get higher CTR (Click Through Rate) than the other random click-bait as content people share.

Social media should be a part of your digital PR strategy, but it should not be your only strategy. Taking help from a veteran brand in marketing has always been a helpful step for new brands and sites.

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