How To Make Your Roof Last Over A Decade

August 22, 2022

No one wants to have a roof that needs to be fixed on a regular basis. It can be financially draining as well as emotionally draining to have to be constantly getting your roof fixed and altered. 

Remodeling is a hassle, especially when remodeling needs come about quicker than you may like. Replacing a roof can cost you upwards of $34,500, so you want to be doing everything in your power to make them last. has some amazing tips on maintaining your roof, but keep reading to find out even more about what you should be doing to ensure your roof lasts! From the moment you get it fitted, to the years that follow, consistent care is the ticket. 

Durable Materials

If you want to ensure that your roof will live a long life then the first port of call is to ensure that you have high quality roofing materials. There are so many materials out there, but there are some which are better than others. 

Some roof materials will only last a good 20 years or so, which is still a long time, but there are others that can last double that or more! 

Here are the two best types you can get:

  • Asphalt Shingles

The most basic shingle type is 3-tab, these are quite cheap and not durable, especially if you live in an area with storms. 

Premium and architectural shingles are a better option when you are looking for an asphalt shingle roof. They may be more expensive but both of these can resist wind speeds of 100 mph or more. 

Depending on what type you get they could last from 15 years to 50 years. So, paying for quality really pays off.

  • Slate Roof

Slate is another option, and these are the most durable overall. They are able to last 150 years, however, they are also one of the most pricey materials you can get. They also need an expert to install them as well, as they could easily break during installation if they are not handled correctly. 

Roofs also need to be braced for the weight of these as well. But if you do choose slate then you will have a fantastic roof which will probably outlive you. It is one of the best investments if you want a roof that will stand against the tests of time. 


Once you have your roof you cannot just leave it sit there, and do nothing, not if you want it to have a long life. Properly maintaining your roof will give it a longer life. This means you should inspect it twice a year, cleaning it off while you are there. 

The best time to do this is during spring and fall. 

On the roof, sweep off debris and leave sure leaves are removed from the roof and from your guttering. If your gutters fill with debris, the water will not drain properly, and it can damage your roof, other parts of your house and lead to water damage. 

You should also look out for any moss that is growing and clean it off with the help of a roof cleaning service near you to prevent it from damaging and weakening the material of your roofing. 

If your roof is in a location where trees are nearby, you will also want to trim back overhanging branches. In the case that you experience a storm, you do not want the branches to end up damaging your roof. 

So make sure that your roof is totally free of anything that has the potential to do damage to it. 

Proper Installation And Quality Repairs

Having a good contractor who will help you look after your roof is vital, a good contractor will ensure that the roof is installed properly and well. 

A roof which is installed properly in the first place will last a lot longer and will be less susceptible to problems further down the road. This will help your roof to stand the test of time, and if anything does happen, the damage is likely to be way more minor. 

It may seem a bit expensive to hire out the best contractor in the area, but it pays off in the long term when you will have fewer occasions in which you need to fix up your roof, and your roof will be healthier overall from the get go. 

If you are not installing a new roof, but fixing up an old one, then you should make sure that any repairs which are done to the roof are done in a timely manner by experienced professionals to help enhance the longevity of your roof. 

Who you hire to install the roof and who you hire to fix it will have a massive impact on the health and longevity of your roof over time.

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