What Counts As Sexual Harassment?

August 22, 2022

Every year, thousands of people are a victim of sexual harassment both inside and outside of the workplace. It is an ongoing problem that everybody needs to be aware of and know how to handle.

There are many different kinds of harassment and sexual harassment is one of the most common. It involves unwanted sexual advancements or vulgar language that makes an individual feel uncomfortable. In severe cases, sexual harassment can involve physical assault or rape.

Should you be a victim of sexual harassment, it is vital that you speak up. As difficult as it can be, taking action is necessary to put a stop to the behavior and get justice for your experiences. If you need free consultation from experienced attorneys, you may visit https://abuseguardian.com/sexual-assault-lawyer/north-carolina/.

Hire a sexual harassment lawyer to get professional legal help and file a claim against the perpetrator. By taking legal action, you can resolve the issue and potentially get compensation for your trauma.

Whether you or somebody you know has been a victim of sexual harassment, or you just want to learn more about it, this article should be helpful for you. We are going to cover what sexual harassment is and what behaviors can be classed as sexual harassment.

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment describes unwanted and unelicited sexual behaviors and comments toward an individual. There are laws that protect people from sexual harassment in public, in private, and at work, yet it is still a prevailing issue across the country.

For a behavior to be classed as sexual harassment, it must either violate somebody’s dignity or make them feel intimidated, degraded, offended, or humiliated. Whether these things are intended by the perpetrator or not, they are still counted as forms of sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment may also be described as any type of sexual activity that occurs without the consent of both parties. In severe cases, such as when sexual assault or rape is involved, it may be referred to as sexual violence.

What behaviors count as sexual harassment?

Knowing exactly what is classed as sexual harassment can be difficult. If you have been made to feel uncomfortable due to somebody else’s vulgar comments or sexual advances, you might not know what to do.

How do you know if their behavior counts as sexual harassment? How can you determine whether to take legal action or not?

Below, we have listed several behaviors that are forms of sexual harassment. If you or somebody that you know has experienced (or is still experiencing) these behaviors at the hands of another individual, you must report the issue. If it is occurring in the workplace, speak to your manager. If the harassment is happening outside of the workplace, hire a sexual harassment lawyer.

Sexual harassment includes:

  • Sexual comments, including catcalling and wolf-whistling
  • Vulgar or offensive jokes
  • Unwanted flirting
  • Sexually suggestive comments
  • Making comments about somebody’s body or appearance
  • Emails, texts, or social media messages that contain explicit content
  • Sending nude pictures to somebody
  • Taking inappropriate pictures of somebody, such as taking a photo up their skirt or down their t-shirt
  • Unwanted sexual advances or gestures
  • Standing too close to somebody
  • Touching somebody inappropriately
  • Unwanted physical contact, such as brushing up against somebody or trying to kiss them
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