Court Proceedings Guide: What Happens During A DUI Court Hearing?

December 22, 2017

Do you have a court hearing coming up due to your driving under the influence charge? Well, if you do or you know someone who does, this post is a good read for you. Truth be told, so many drivers that are charged with a DUI are first timer law breakers. This literally means that a great majority of drivers do not have any idea of what to expect in a DUI court hearing.

For you to navigate through the crimination investigations protocol for driving under the influence, you must have a clear understanding of the DUI court proceedings in regards to the governing laws in your state. Not to worry though; we are here for you. This post will give you some basic information on what to expect, what to do and what not to do when you are charged with a DUI offense. The DUI attorneys at The Ladan Law Firm have been assisting people for over 15 years, and can help you decide on what your best options are when dealing with a DUI case.

But before we jump right in, when you are charged with a DUI offense, ensure that you get yourself a good lawyer. Your lawyer can make or break you in court and the verdict will be determined by how well he presents your case or the way he guides you through the entire process. If you have some ALR hearing questions, you can talk to your attorney before your first court date.

That said, here is what to expect:

  • First, getting arrested is stressful! When you get arrested for DUI, you will have several court appearances that you must show up for. You will have to go for the arraignment, which will be your very first court appearance, and then you will be called in for a pretrial before the trial, which will then be followed by the verdict.
  • During your arraignment, your charges will be formally voiced to you. However, as for a DUI case, you already know what your charges are before you even walk into that courtroom. But trust me, there are some additional charges that may come with a DUI charge that you might not be aware of, and this is the time when the court will tell you what your charges are.
  • After the arraignment, you will be issued with a mandatory court appearance date, which will be your second appearance in court. This will be the pretrial, which is the hearing stage. This hearing stage enables both the prosecution and the defense to gather evidence and exchange information for use in the trial. After this, a trail will be held for witnesses to give testimonies and their testimonies examined before a verdict is given.

As we all know, driving under the influence is an offense not only here but in most countries across the world. Even if you will have the best lawyer to argue your case in court, it is also important to remember that driving under the influence is life threatening not only for you but for other road users as well. So, (please) do not drink and drive. Furthermore, court proceedings are stressful and they take too much of your time, but the best thing is that you can avoid all this by not driving while intoxicated.

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