Planning to Invest in Tesla Solar Roofs? Read This First

December 29, 2017

Tesla launched its new solar roof tiles more than one year ago. The tiles might not have gained much traction but their popularity is definitely rising amongst many homeowners. One outstanding feature of these solar roof tiles is their beauty. For a long time, combining glamour and renewable energy hasn’t been an easy fete. However, Tesla seems to have managed to do this.

Having heard so much about Tesla solar roofs, you are probably considering investing in the same. Well, before spending your money on any product, it is advisable that you understand the fine details. In the case of Tesla solar roof tiles, what exactly do you need to know?

Solar energy that complements your home’s architecture

Many people might want to dismiss Tesla’s focus on looks as far as the solar roof tiles are concerned. However, you should know more than that. Homeowners agree that there is need to keep your home beautiful even if you are going green. Tesla solar roofs seem to complement your home’s architecture while serving the essential role of converting sunlight energy into electricity.

The beautiful solar roof tiles come fully integrated with a Powerwall battery which helps to harness energy during the day and store it for use any time thereafter. Tesla offers a lifetime warranty on these tiles. As they propose, the solar tiles have been designed to last. Compared to the ordinary solar tiles, Tesla solar roof tiles are estimated to be three times stronger. Ideally, Tesla promises to take durability to a completely new level with these solar roof tiles.

Customize electricity production

The solar roof tiles contain invisible solar cells. With these cells, one can easily customize the amount of electricity produced by the solar roof to suit his/her energy needs. Both the solar tile and non-solar glass tiles can be used to achieve this. Interestingly, no one will notice any significant difference between the glass tiles because they look exactly the same at street level.

Uninterrupted electricity supply

Relying on the national grid can be disappointing with sudden power outages. Investing in reliable solar energy presents you with less to worry about. Tesla solar roofs seamlessly integrate with the Power wall home battery. What it presents is an opportunity to take maximum advantage of solar energy. You can enjoy reliable power during grid outages by simply investing in Tesla tiles.

What does the future look like?

Tesla is known for the production of electricity cars and other high-end technology products. Why then did it introduce solar roof tiles? How is this tied to its original goal as a company? You might want to understand all this before making that important decision of investing in these products. Regardless, it is good to admit that Tesla offers a roofing solution that is likely to take shingle roofing to a completely new level. Although the upfront installation costs might be high, the long term benefits promised by Tesla solar roof tiles seem to justify the hefty investment.

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