The History and Symbolism of the Timeless Rose

August 22, 2023

If you look at any flower, it does have a closer relationship with humans than any other one. Archeological evidence shows that roses were the first flowers to bloom on Earth. They first appeared in Asia, then expanded across the whole Northern Hemisphere. In this article, we talk about the history and symbolism of the rose.

Roses’ Origins and Evolution

Roses have been around for a long time, and they have a lot of interesting stories behind them. They have all shown romance, elegance, battle, and political systems. Fifty million years ago, the fossil record shows that the timeless rose was alive at the time. Five thousand years ago, roses were grown in gardens for the first time. Most likely, this was in China. During the Roman era, roses were grown significantly in the Middle East.

Confetti, medical usage, and perfume are examples of how people employed them. Roman aristocracy built huge rose gardens for the public in the south of the city of Rome. People started to like roses after the Roman Empire came down. The prominence of roses seems to rise and fall with lawn and garden patterns at the time.

White Rose of York

As a sign for the groups vying for survival in England. So many people wanted roses at that time that the royal family thought they were legal tender and used them to trade and spend money on things. During the 1800s, Napoleon’s wife, Josephine, had many roses at the Château de Malmaison, a seven-mile-west of Paris estate that Napoleon owned. This garden served as the backdrop for the botanical illustrations created by Pierre Joseph Redoute throughout his career as a botanical artist. “Les Rose” remains one of the best records of botanical illustration. He finished it in 1824.

The Language of Roses: Unveiling Symbolism

One of the most intriguing aspects of the rose is its language of symbolism, often referred to as “floriography.” Each color and variety of rose carries a distinct meaning, allowing individuals to convey their emotions without uttering a single word. Here are some of the most iconic rose colors and their symbolic interpretations:

Red Rose: Perhaps the most iconic of all, the red rose symbolizes passionate love and desire. It’s a timeless declaration of affection and admiration, making it a staple in romantic gestures.

White Rose: White roses embody purity, innocence, and new beginnings. They have been commonly used in weddings and are often seen as a symbol of remembrance and reverence.

Yellow Rose: Symbolizing friendship and joy, the yellow rose radiates warmth and positivity. It’s a wonderful way to express appreciation and gratitude to a cherished friend.

Pink Rose: Ranging from pale pink to deep magenta, pink roses convey gratitude, admiration, and elegance. They’re a versatile choice for expressing a wide range of emotions.

Orange Rose: With its vibrant hue, the orange rose exudes energy and enthusiasm. It symbolizes passion and desire, making it an ideal choice for new romantic relationships.

Lavender Rose: The soft lavender rose represents enchantment and love at first sight. It’s a less conventional color but holds a unique charm.

Black Rose: Despite its name, black roses don’t truly exist in nature; however, they have been associated with mystery and farewell. They’re often used to express the end of a relationship or a major life change.

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The meaning of roses in science

There are more than 150 different types of roses, and they are available in a wide variety of colors and shapes. That is because the rose has been around for a long time and has spread worldwide. About 3,000 plants belong to the rose family. Once you look at the round, rose-shaped flowers of several fruit trees or berry vines, you can see how they look like each other.

Gifting roses has evolved a “language” of its own. The giver’s unique meaning is the arrangement’s color and amount of blooms. RED roses show romantic love, and YELLOW shows that you care about your friends. White roses symbolize purity and innocence. Orange roses are a sign of energy and passion. Additionally, pink roses signify appreciation, largely owing, and joy.

You can’t find them in nature because of genetic rules that they can’t break. There were, however, requests for blue roses that contributed to the implementation of a dyed and cultivated type. It had colors that ranged from blue to violet. On the other hand, blue roses embody mystery and do incredible things.  Seven roses show that you’re in love at the start, nine roses show that you’ll always love each other, and a dozen roses, the lover’s favorite, are thought to imply everything again.

Behind the Tradition of rose

If you live in the Western world, you’re more likely to see roses as a sign of love than any other symbol. They show up in poetry, literature, art, movies, and everything else in between. A rose is a sign of romantic love, excitement, and adoration, with the red color being among the most generally believed and used. Everyone has their meaning and significance, even the little buds. The pre-bloomed flower signifies young love, pureness, honesty, and innocence.

Flowers were important because of both their species and their color. For example, in general, the rose is a sign of love. It’s not just the rose itself that makes the color mean something. Red roses are a sign of love and romance, and they are also a traditional opportunity to illustrate how you feel.

Love, gratefulness, and admiration are all shown by the pink rose. It’s often given as elegant gifts of love and appreciation. Flowers with white petals are a symbol of love and new beginnings. They are also a symbol of the wedding and spiritual practices. Orange roses are a sign of excitement and devotion, while yellow roses signify friendship, happiness, and overall wellness.


In conclusion, the history and symbolism of the timeless rose are deeply intertwined with human culture, representing love, beauty, and emotions across centuries. From ancient myths to modern expressions of affection, the rose’s significance endures. Its captivating fragrance and variety of colors convey diverse sentiments, making it a cherished gift. When in need of the perfect rose in the Philippines, remember that Philflora flower shop stands ready to help you express your feelings through the elegance of this exquisite flower.Embrace the rich tapestry of emotions woven into the petals of this iconic bloom, connecting generations and transcending time. Explore captivating flower insights. Delve into the Philflora flower blog for a blooming collection of articles. Unearth the beauty and secrets of nature’s gems.

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