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February 25, 2020

No matter you stick to a basic makeup look every day or wish to go glam for an event, embrace these essentials in your makeup kit for easy getting-ready and no-worry touch-ups. From brushes to that of blush and everything in between, consider these beauty weapons and products the ultimate, everyday beauty makeup products checklist.

You can enjoy the refined and the best essential face makeup products once you explore thoughtfully and unhurriedly.  Following are a few of the many products that are absolutely essential for that stunning and diva like look!


It is one of those basic makeup essentials to keep on you at all the times (just if). Pick a creamy formula that might hide under-eye circles and unwelcome blemishes. It would work wonderfully and miraculously for your face for sure.


Then when it is the time to choose a go-to blush, look for a warm tone that would add up a splash of colour to the glowing apples of your cheeks. It would also add up a smidgen of life to your entire complexion. Your face would look stunning and elegant and the personality would get refreshing too. 


It is, well, the foundation of any type of makeup routine, no matter basic or elaborate. But you don’t really need to slather it all over the face. Just apply it in the places where you witness uneven skin tone or any type of discoloration. In case you don’t require as much coverage as foundation caters or prefer something a little lighter, you can consider a tinted moisturizer instead. But again, these foundations are spot-on to get you that glamorous appearance.

Eye liner 

You can always use your darker shade of eye shadow as that of a liner along the lashes. But you can also use a dark brown or black pencil to form up a thin line that would defines and enhances your eyes. It would get you the looks that deserve applause. 


How about some gorgeous colour? Lipstick is the ideal antidote to the midweek blahs. You are surely going to be stunned what a swipe of shade can do for your lips, face, and even that of entire mood. Not feeling beautiful, bold and bright at the moment? You can go for a natural pink or that of a nude lipstick as an alternative. The shades and the features of lipsticks that are there are endless. Whether liquid or thick or creamy; you have the variety to get the best. 

Banana powder 

You might not have heard about it yet but it is a great add on too. It would give your face a brighter, smoother and friendly look. Your face would look free of any spots or blemishes.  Your face would come to life with the yellowish ting of this powder. The beauty is it blends well with all skin tones like a breeze.


So, check out the variety that MyGlamm has stored for you.  You can get varied of kits and products by Manish Malhotra Collection, Lit Collection, Pose Collection, K. Play Collection and various others.

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