Using Lip Liner To Get The Lips You Want

March 12, 2020

When it comes to doing your makeup you know the right combination of tactics, but when you are contemplating a different look to your face, have you learned how to highlight certain attributes? When it comes to something like our lips we can work on plumping it somewhat, but when it comes to using lip liner as a barrier to stop lipstick from bleeding we do not tend to make it part of our daily routine. But perhaps it is time? Let us show you ways to incorporate lip liner pencil into your daily makeup routine and see the difference.

Making A Fuller Pout

Color is crucial and if you want to shake it up somewhat you could try this look, but if you are more than happy with your color though you want to make the lips appear fuller and natural, go for a darker lip liner. This will help to define the bow, as well as the middle part of the bottom lip. Once you start to blend it with a lighter shade you will see a massive difference.

Make Sure You See All The Angles 

You may think it is pretty straightforward; you just look straight into the mirror and apply! But when it comes to lip liner, if it is not straight it might not work to its full potential. When you have applied the lip liner, move your chin upwards and downwards, so you can see all the angles better. It gives you the ability to see the top lip line in an almost 3D way, and if you can see any uneven edges you can fix these. Put your chin to your neck if you want to see the top lip and lift your chin so you can see the bottom lip.

Put The Lipstick On First

If you are struggling to see where you need to line if you apply lipstick before the liner you will be able to see exactly where you need to go. When the lipstick starts to fade away it will fade with the liner, so you do not have to worry about a ring around your lips.

Do Not Use A Sharp Pencil

If the pencil is a little dull it does not make the line look too strong. This will give you the opportunity to blend it completely into the lips.

Hold Your Lip Liner At 45 Degrees

When you work at a 45-degree angle it will not give you a harsh line. If you are particularly heavy-handed holding your lip liner at this angle and using short, light strokes will make it look more soft and natural.

Start From The Cupid’s Bow

It is almost like drawing a map on your face. It if you apply a little dot on the cupid’s bow and then make a centimetre line in the middle of your bottom lip line, it provides that structure. It is the best way to to make sure you cover every little bit of your lips.

Lip lining can be one of those frustrating parts of your makeup routine, which is probably why many women don’t do it, but try these tips and it will make a massive difference to your lips.

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