Interior Design Tips For A Stylish Living Room

January 9, 2018

Having a stylish living room is not difficult, nor does it need an unlimited budget to achieve. Instead, it can be done very easily by simply incorporating a few different ideas and considerations into the space.

If you are ready to transform your living room into the space you know it can be, consider using any of these tips:

Start With A Cohesive Design
Living Room

You do not need to have a theme in place to create a stylish and attractive living room, but having a single style or cohesive design scheme that you are working toward can go a long way toward helping you reach your goals. Begin by deciding what the most important things to you are: is it character, sustainability, comfort, or simply a color palette you love.

Now, begin centering the rest of the design around that choice. For example, if you want a rustic modern style design that incorporates character and sustainability, consider using modified wood to create your walls or to cover your ceiling, rather than drywall and plaster. Pick up the lightest color of the wood and repeat it in your furnishings. Opt for fabrics and accents made from equally sustainable pieces you can use to complete the design and introduce color to the mix.

Make A Gallery Wall

Every good design needs a focal point — a way to introduce some color and interest to the design and to draw the eye within the room. In the living room, one of the most effective ways of doing this is to create a gallery wall or a collection of artwork grouped together in one space.

Give your gallery wall a personal touch by creating some canvas prints from your favorite photographs or images. Choose designs that all have some common theme or color scheme. You do not need to repeat images or designs, just make sure that they all coordinate with one another to help make the statement you are looking for.

Make An Accent Wall

Another way that you can add focus and interest to your living room design is to create an accent wall. This can be done in a variety of ways, but the most dynamic and effective involve using some type of reclaimed wood wall panels to help create the look you are after. Reclaimed wood in particular has a lot of depth and variation from piece to piece; cover an entire wall in your living room with these panels to capture the interest and eye of everyone who walks in.

Set Up For Conversation

When you are designing your living room, remember that function needs to have just as much substance as form in order for the design to be successful and stylish. That is why creating conversation areas can really help make the design more dynamic and something that people want to spend time in.

Take a look at the layout of the living room and where people are most likely to spend their time. The fireplace, quiet areas by windows, in front of the TV, and in the center of the room are all areas that people naturally congregate. Do your best to make these areas attractive for conversation by arranging your furniture in groups. Do not just position things around the perimeter of the room; angle your furnishings toward those areas people are most likely to want to use. Just be sure to leave the most natural paths through the room open for people to navigate.

Define any spaces in the middle of the room with throw rugs to help cement the design.

Create A More Stylish Living Room

Sometimes style comes from having a cohesive and pulled together appearance, not from copying any one design idea. Incorporate these tips into your living room design to make a better place for everyone to visit.

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