What To Do When The Unexpected Happens

January 30, 2018

No one looks at their life, chooses an age for themselves, and plans for something to go wrong. We all plan for life to be brilliant and beautiful, but sometimes, things go wrong and do happen in life, and you still have to find yourself prepared for those moments. Being a strategic thinker is a blessing when it comes to the unknown. Those who can think in that way are able to see the worst coming before it actually hits.

You perhaps have been saving cash for a rainy day just in case of losing your job or an appliance breaking down in the home. Maybe you have the right home insurance and disability insurance from InsureSTAT.com just in case the house burns down or you are in an accident that changes your life. If you are a strategic thinker, you can prepare for the unexpected, because you pick up on life changes as they happen. Having a mindset that is prepared and ready for the unexpected is not a trait that everyone possesses, which means you probably have not thought about smart scenarios that you can play out in your head and plan for — even if they never come true.

Planning for the unexpected is not the easiest thing to do, but you can become the master at scenario planning with a little bit of research. Here is how you do it:

The Issue. Before you can plan for the unexpected, you need to think about the issues that could arise that can be a problem. Being laid off from work is one such scenario and you can make that the one you work off of.

What You Know. Think about what your job looks like right now. Are you utilized correctly? Are you a necessary piece of the puzzle at your job? Knowing your place in your job means you can decide whether you have job security or not.

What You Do Not Know. Think about the company that you work for. Do you know their place in the industry and where they stand in terms of competition? Knowing this can help you to understand whether you are at risk of being let go.

The Scenario. Play out in your head what your life would look like if you were promoted. Then think about what life would be like if you no longer had a job. Could you survive? Could you keep paying your bills? Will it be easy to get another job? Is your resume up to date? Answering each of these can help you plan for such a scenario, even if it is absurd right now!

The Plan. Once you have a variety of scenarios in front of you, you can now plan for each one.

The future does not have to be something uncertain, especially if you are someone who thrives on the world running forward in a certain way. Having that rainy day fund and having back-up plans in the event you are stuck for work is the way you keep on trucking.

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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