Four Tips For Choosing The Right Jewelry For Travel

January 30, 2018

When you are traveling, you may not realize that something as small and a piece of jewelry will be important to you while you are away. You may want to purchase jewelry while your traveling. Whether you go online to a jewelry shop like to buy something before your trip or stepping into a local jeweler’s stall while you are traveling, here are four tips that will help you choose the right jewelry for travel:

1. Go For Durability

If you are traveling anywhere long term, you will want to make sure your jewelry is made of durable materials. Costume jewelry may not travel well, because of inferior materials. When you are choosing jewelry to take with you on your trip, you will want to make sure it will withstand the rigors of your travel. If you are planning a quick weekend jaunt to New York, you can choose more fragile pieces that just need to packed inside hard sided luggage for protection. But if you are planning a three month long trek through EurAsia with just you and your backpack, you will want to be more realistic about the durability of many pieces of jewelry. Durability is key to making sure your jewelry will last for the trip there and home.

2. Styles To Go With Anything

When you’re traveling across country or through multiple countries, you’ll want to choose styles that have multiple applications. You can wear small studded earrings with almost any outfit and they’re easy to store. The standard rule of thumb for rings is one per hand. And choosing rings that don’t have gems and are band styles will have a tendency to be interchangeable also. You can choose to wear only one and store the other, or store both and don’t wear any. It’s small and easy to store in tiny places inside your backpack. The classic jewelry styles tend toward not only more durability, but also will be more interchangeable with your outfits. Just as you will have a personal style in your clothing, you will have a personal style with your jewelry. Be sure to stay true to that style.

3. The Type Of Trip Matters

If you are planning to spend a lot of time in the Outback or on the water, you may want to consider what type of jewelry will you use on these trips. If you are heading over to your friends place in New Zealand for the summer, you might consider that you will probably go out for a drink or dinner or even a party, so you would bring more jewelry to match your outfits for those occasions. Each culture, if you wish to immerse yourself in them, has rules and social norms regarding jewelry, so you will want to check the area you are traveling to to see how they view jewelry and adornments. Some cultures respond well to and embrace creativity, while others do not necessarily enjoy outside cultures. If you are planning to travel to another country, do your research to see what the area culture is like.

4. Use Your Budget

The biggest tip to choosing the right jewelry for travel is your budget. You may have saved for many months or years to take an adventure for a year to another side of the world and experience all the cultures you can during that time. But you might not have budgeted jewelry into your planning. So make sure during the planning phase of your trip, you budget for the jewelry you want to bring with you, if you are going to buy it. Make sure you put that expense in your budget if you plan to purchase any local jewelry, also. There are some incredible artisans in other countries that convey their cultures vibrancy through making jewelry. You will want to plan for those expenses so that you will be able to thoroughly enjoy the travel and bring back some mementos of your trip.

Traveling is stressful and thinking of those small things like what jewelry to bring or that you will want to budget for jewelry purchases can be something that slips through the cracks and you only realize your mistake once you are into the trip. These four tips will help you keep choosing travel jewelry easy!

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