GAMMA: The Only Travel Jacket You Will Ever Need (Lasts for Life!)

April 5, 2021

One of the hardest things about traveling with a family is packing. And the toughest things to pack are jackets, coats, and other gear for chilly weather. They take up so much space in your bag!

That is why we decided to get a new kind of jacket for all our future vacations and getaways. It is called GAMMA, and it is an all-season jacket that lasts for life. It keeps you warm in sub-freezing winters and cool in balmy springtime. Plus, it is super lightweight and folds down to the size of a t-shirt. 

You have to check out this jacket. It does so much more than any other jacket I have found, and it lasts forever! Plus, you can take over 40% off GAMMA if you order during the company’s pre-sale

You probably have a few questions on how exactly GAMMA can keep you comfy anywhere and last for so long. I will explain below:

What Makes GAMMA So Versatile?

GAMMA can keep you warm or cool anywhere on Earth, and it weighs the same as a hoodie. How is that even possible? 

It is because GAMMA is made of a completely new material called graphene. Graphene was just discovered in 2004, and it was such a big deal that it won its discoverers a Nobel Prize! 

Graphene is a super-material that has hundreds of applications. It is the strongest, thinnest, and most flexible material on Earth. It is an effective conductor and insulator, and it is resistant to wind, water, UV rays, insects, germs, allergens, and more. 

You can imagine just how much graphene can do for clothes. 

GAMMA is one of the first pieces of graphene clothing ever made. And it is the only graphene jacket that you can use in temperatures as low as -20˚F! 

What Does Graphene Bring To GAMMA?

Graphene’s biggest benefit to GAMMA is its temperature regulating power. Graphene is such a good insulator that it reacts to your body heat almost like a second skin. 

When you put GAMMA on, it absorbs your body heat and transfers it evenly throughout the jacket. That means that if your chest or back is hot, that energy will be transferred to your arms or head, which are likely colder. It is able to keep you much warmer in cold temperatures, even though it weighs as much as a windbreaker. 

In hot weather, GAMMA keeps you cool by expelling excess heat. It also wicks sweat and moisture from your body. You can use it as a running jacket or skiing jacket and you will not get sweaty or uncomfortable even on sunny days. 

GAMMA’s temperature controlling power means you can wear it all year round and in any climate on the globe. Combined with its super light and packable design, GAMMA is the travel jacket that we have been waiting for. 

And it can do a lot more than just keep you warm or cool. Here are a few more perks that graphene brings to GAMMA:

  • Weather-proof: GAMMA is 100% waterproof and windproof. It will not let any chill pass through, so you will stay warm even when the winds are frigid. 
  • Protects against UV light: Other light jackets let UV rays pass through and this can damage your skin. GAMMA stops UV radiation to keep you safe. 
  • Insect repellant: Graphene blocks the ability of bugs to sense your skin, keeping mosquitoes and more from detecting you. 
  • Antimicrobial: Graphene is antimicrobial, which means germs cant survive on it. No matter how dirty you get, GAMMA will always stay germ-free.
  • Odor-proof: Go ahead and jog every morning in GAMMA. The bacteria from your sweat or mold from moisture can never cause odors to develop because they cannot survive on GAMMA.
  • Hypoallergenic: Hike through pollen, ivy, and more without getting a reaction. Allergens cannot stick to GAMMA and find their way onto your skin or into your home. 
  • Stain-proof: Nothing can latch onto graphene’s latticed structure. It repels everything from wine to juice to paint and more. 
  • Ultra-strong: Graphene is stronger than diamond. This makes GAMMA the most indestructible jacket ever made. It is totally resistant to rips, punctures, and fraying. It can even stop a knife. 

Built-In Heating For Sub-Zero Temperatures

What makes GAMMA unlike other graphene clothing is that it contains additional accessories that enhance the effects of graphene. 

One of those is built-in heating. Three carbon fiber heating elements inside the jacket keep you warm at the push of a button.

Graphene is an amazing insulator, but your body heat is not enough to keep you warm in sub-freezing temperatures. 

GAMMA’s built-in heaters, combined with graphene insulation, can get the job done. 

The heaters are totally safe and contain no electric parts. To use them, just put a power bank in the jacket pocket and select your desired temperature. In seconds, the heaters will start warming up, and graphene will naturally distribute the heat evenly throughout the jacket. 

GAMMA’s heaters can heat up to 120˚F in 60 seconds, allowing you to brave temperatures as low as -20˚F with a jacket that weighs as much as a hoodie! 

If you hate humid, cold winters, GAMMA is a lifesaver. You can wear it around the house or running errands, and it feels like you are wearing an electric blanket. It is divine.

Tons Of Storage 

When you are on the road, storage is a big deal. When you have kids, it is an even bigger one. GAMMA has 10 pockets, including two hidden pockets, so you can keep all of your essential gear on you. 

Secure all of your documents, your kids’ documents, cash, cards, maps, and more in GAMMA’s zippered pockets. You will not have to worry about forgetting anything at the airport check-in desk, and your ID will not slip out of your pocket. 

Stylish And Easy To Maintain

GAMMA is not like other activewear jackets. It is tapered and cut to make your body look great. I love that there are men’s and women’s styles and not a unisex option like many outdoors jackets and shell jackets. 

The women’s GAMMA is slimming in the waist to accentuate your hourglass form. And it softens the shoulders for an elegant look. The men’s jacket slims the waist and broadens the shoulders. 

GAMMA’s black color and refined look make it an appropriate jacket for work, going out, working out, and pretty much everything else. It is not just for travel. It’s the only jacket you need all year round. 

GAMMA hardly ever needs to be washed, because it is stain-proof and antimicrobial. But if you get into anything seriously sticky, you can throw it in the washing machine with your other clothes. Graphene can survive any cycle.  

One Jacket Is All You Need — For Life

One GAMMA jacket is all you need to make your travels (and your life at home) a lot easier for the rest of your days. 

GAMMA will keep you comfy in any weather, it is always clean, and it will never get scuffed or stained. Plus, it looks awesome.

And now, it is affordable too. If you pre-order a GAMMA jacket during the pre-sale for the new design, you can take over 40% off. That is more than $200 off a jacket that you will use forever. And, you will be the first of your friends to add a totally new material to your wardrobe — graphene. That is pretty cool, right? 

Learn more about graphene and pre-order your GAMMA jacket now at   

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