Seven Simple Steps To Secure Your House For A Weekend Getaway

February 1, 2018

The best practice for securing your home for a weekend or a long vacation would always be to get a good home security system installed. Beyond that, Bighorn Rentals brings you some hacks that might help you escape a burglary and stay safe:

Install Some False Surveillance Cameras

This idea goes a long way and can be applicable for a number of occasions. Get a fake camera or an outdated camera that is not in use. Place it somewhere near your entrance where it is visible. It will give people, particularly thieves, the idea they are being recorded, which will dissuade them from breaking into your house.

Do Not Let Your Subscriptions Pile Up At The Entrance

Cancel your newspaper and magazine subscriptions, at least for the amount of time that you will be away. You should also ask the post office to hold your mail until you come back. Seeing a pile of flyers, newspapers, or mail will convince thieves that you are not home and that you might not be coming back anytime soon. You just have to play with the psychology of the potential crook by tricking them.

Do Not Leave Tools In Your Backyard

By tools, we mean ladders, chairs, stools, and mechanical gears — anything that can help any mysterious person get into your house. You do not want to make things easier for that person, right?

Make Sure Your House Does Not Reflect The Security Alarms

If you have a Vivint security systems installed, or you are planning to get one installed, this is a crucial tip for you. Make sure the mirrors, glass doors, or anything else reflective in your home does not reveal where your installed security devices are installed. This trivial slip-up will make burglars even more vigilant, and if they are cunning, they might come up with a cannier plan to dodge the security system. Or they may just diffuse it beforehand. Do not give them this chance — be more alert!

Abstain From Announcing Your Plans On Social Media

It has been reported that burglars tend to eye on their mark(s) for weeks/months before the robbery actually takes place. Usually, they research their next target in order to get more and more familiar about their day-to-day activities, as that is how they decide when the right time for the burglary will be. It is impossible to shake off any and all kinds of monitoring, but we can always keep our activities as private as possible. It will make your footsteps difficult to trace.

Hide Your Treasures In A Secret Place

Everybody possesses something very dear to them; something expensive or unique that they might not be able to recover. Therefore, try and find an unpredictable place in your home, where we can keep these treasures to keep them safe and out of everyone’s eyes and reach; somewhere a burglar would not even think about.

Get A Motion-Sensor System To Monitor Your Home With Your Phone

If you have a Home Security System installed in your home, this point is not for you, so enjoy your weekend knowing that you are surely secure. The rest of you who still do not have a security system: get one. You will be able to monitor your home from your smartphone, no matter how far away you are. The motion sensor will notify you about every activity in your home during your absence. The best part is you do not have to come back physically to check your home, as the security assurance is just a few clicks away.

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