Common Facts to Know about Type C USB Ports or Cables

February 24, 2018

We are surrounded by various kinds of digital products, cables, cords, and devices. Today, even a kid can tell where you shall find USB port on your computer or laptop. We have become technologically well versed since we have to deal with various technological equipment and digitalized devices on a regular basis. As we all know, USB has different versions. It all started with USB 1.0 version, though this version was never available for commercial purposes. Instead of it, USB 1.1 version was quite extensively used for USB connectivity. Advanced versions started replacing primitive versions. As a result, we have found that USB 2.0 came as a replacement for USB 1.1. Later, USB 2.0 was further replaced by USB 3.0.

Now, we are standing on the verge of yet another change. Soon we shall find that USB 3.1 has replaced USB 3.0 version completely. So, what is this latest version of USB all about? Why has tech market started buzzing with this type of USB? The buzz came alive when MacBook Pro has recently launched device that comes with the single USB-C port. USB type C is nothing but another name of USB 3.1 version. A lot of things are required to be known about this version of USB. In the following section, we shall check those.

Double Speed in Offering

With USB 3.0, you would use to get speed around 5 GBPS. But, with this latest version, you shall attain almost double speed, i.e., the speed of performance at 10 MBPS. If you copy data from such USB devices to your computer, you shall note that lesser time is getting required for file copying, even if the size of the file is quite high. Due to high speed, it is getting predicted that USB 3.1 will soon replace USB 3.0. However, one thing is notable and that compatibility with this device. It can be found to be highly compatible with previous versions. That means in Type C USB hubs; you can easily attach USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 based flash drives. More speed means better as well as higher time-saving experience. With contemporary USB type C hub, you can get speed up to 10 GBPS.

Easier to Plugin

When it comes to connecting USB flash drives, we often face “upside-down” problem. It is annoying and funny at the same time. Well, thanks to USB Type C, this problem is finally getting resolved. There will not be upside down problems. You can plug in any side without facing any errors. The plugin points will be smaller in size though, and that is why using USC-C hub is essential. This will let you connect previous versions of USB devices with your computer.

Faster Charging for Smartphone or Tablet

We often use USB port for charging our Smartphone and tablets. However, we have noted that charging is quite slow in such cases. It would take hours for your devices to get fully charged in this way. With Type C USB ports, slow charging problem will be resolved. Now, you can enjoy faster charging for your device.

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