How Much Can an Uber Driver Earn from His Daily Job?

February 26, 2018

Uber has been helping many people get home late on weekdays and after late night parties on Saturday nights for years now. No matter where you are, you can hail a safe ride back home after you have had one too many. Whether you have to get to the airport in record time or you need to make it to the movies before the scene starts, Uber has always been there to the rescue. This apparently rider-focused app pays close attention to the needs and demands of their drivers. As a result, there are many fables about the pay scale of the Uber drivers around the world.

Where do you plan to work?

The amount an Uber driver makes usually depends on his business location. What a driver earns in Manhattan, another driver can never make in Mumbai. The earnings depend on the market, booking rates, special offers, peak hours and many other factors. Uber facilities and policies vary primarily between countries. Even with the most recent episodes of cutbacks, Uber has been able to advertise rates of up to $50,000 per year by merely driving the passengers around in the USA.

The Uber driver pay will obviously depend upon scores of factors. Firstly, you need to check which city you are in. A driver in Houston can make up to $11 per hour, and the same driver can make only about $8.77 per hour in Detroit. When the same driver drives around in Denver, he can make up to $14 an hour. It shows that a driver’s hourly wage and yearly earnings will depend on the city he is operating in. These also cost many leading research organizations has calculated after deducting the cost of overheads.

Check your state taxes

The state taxes have a significant impact on the earnings of the drivers. The net profits will depend upon your state and its tax laws. Now that you know the average hourly wage of the Uber drivers in your city, you can always calculate the net hourly earnings of the Uber drivers in your state and city. Sometimes, drivers have to travel miles on end without a rider or to find a passenger. You need to factor in these expenses as well.

Several factors contribute to overheads

Calculating the gross income of an Uber driver in any city can be much easier than figuring out their net income. The taxes and miles can make the calculations extremely complicated for any driver, owner or interested individual. For example – there are many cases where the Uber driver has to drive from his home or garage in the village or suburbs back into the city every morning to pick up riders. Very similarly he has to make the “home destination” trip each night after finishing his trips. These miles are not paid for, and while calculating, you need to include these factors too.

In short, driving an Uber is one of the best ways to make some extra cash on the side when you are living on a stipend or a student’s allowance. Most Uber drivers in the USA are driving Ubers as their part-time job or third job. It is rewarding, easy and an exciting experience for the thousands of drivers working with Uber right now.

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