Benefits of sleeping on a high-end mattress

November 10, 2018

Sleep is an integral aspect of our life! On the surface level, when you watch someone sleeping, you might feel that no activity is taking place. But at a more in-depth, cellular level, the body is healing and restoring balance, repairing cells and tissues. And for this to take place, it is essential for the body to completely stay relaxed and feel no pressure or stress at all. There are times when the reason behind a disturbed sleep is a restless mind, undigested food, weather extremes and the like. And sometimes, the cause is the mattress that you are using. Not every mattress is designed to provide you with a comfortable sleep. And this is where you need to make a change in the choice of the mattress.

Mattress, sleep, and health

The mattresses we use supports our backs, neck, and the entire body. If there’s the slightest discomfort caused by it, then there’s a disturbance in our sleep patterns and eventually causes sleep deprivation. When you are not able to sleep for the desired time frame, you tend to witness health issues that come in the way of your daily life. When you understand the benefits that comfortable and quality sleep brings in our life, you will know the value of using the correct mattress.

The benefits of sleep are as follows:

  1. It helps to improve the overall brain health

It is interesting to note that most people today, requires only three to four hours of their night’s sleep so that they can retain the cognitive brain functions. It is through your cognitive skill you perform your daily work agendas such as getting dressed or driving your call. However, when you need added focus because you have to solve a complicated issue at hand, then having such less sleep will be tough. To be able to pull through a tough task and give shape to your creative ideas you need to sleep for at least eight hours a day. That rest is necessary to carry out “automatic” tasks. And when you wake up in between your sleep because of mattress issues, you wake up tired and fatigued and sometimes forgetful too.

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  1. Good sleep impacts the heart health

Less amount of sleep can negatively affect health! And this includes heart health as well. When your body is sleep deprived, it can send the sympathetic nervous system of the body into overdrive. And it releases an excess amount of adrenaline and other stress causing hormones. And this hormonal imbalance is what guides the body to plunge into immediate action. It is the reason why you find so many sleep-deprived people in a state of restlessness and hurry. They see it tough to get grounded. Furthermore, when you can’t sleep at night due to a bad mattress, this sleep deprivation results in high cholesterol, which is one of the principal reasons why most people have a heart – attacks or other chronic heart ailments. When you sleep more, you do good to your heart health.

  1. You face skin and face issues as well

What do you first see in the mirror when you don’t sleep well at night? Your face that looks tired and sleep deprived. The absence of sleep has a direct impact on the way you look. It impacts your skin appearance and texture. There was a Swedish study conducted which took photographs of people after 31 hours of lack of sleep. The study had revealed that these people looked unattractive, worn out and tired. Also, their skin lost the suppleness, glow, and moisture. A few people also showed faint signs of stressful eyes with stress lines and a hint of dark cycles. Hence, we can conclude safely, that sleep and skin health are connected. Lack of sleep increases cortisol and stress hormones which dries up the skin or produces excess oil, as it affects the sebaceous glands as well.

So, when you can’t sleep because of a poor mattress quality, you will find that your skin is affected in many ways. The moment you redeem a relaxed sleep cycle, your skin starts to appear fresh and supple again.

  1. Good sleep results in a proper immune system

Inadequate sleep resulting from the use of an incorrect mattress often affects the immune system. Research and studies highlight that such people are fast to show signs of common flue and cold. Improper rest affects the immune system, which can’t fight well against the cold and fever viruses. And with this, there’s the added danger of other viral infections and the like. Though there are preventive vaccines that you can opt-in to cure yourself. However, when you want a solution for the long run, you will have to get your sleeping pattern back to normalcy. For this, you need to select the right kind of mattress to sleep on and watch your immune system recover back as you increase your sleep hours.

  1. Sleep helps you maintain a healthy body weight

Contrary to popular belief, it’s lack of sleep that results in weight gain and not the lack of it! Sleep helps to digest the calories a person had eaten and not leave it undigested. And when you don’t get ample sleep, you tend to disrupt the balance between leptin and ghrelin inside your body. These two essential hormones suppress and stimulate the appetite. Acute sleep deprivation can create an imbalance in these two hormones and result in severe hunger in odd hours. And this eating disorder is what results in extra body weight.

Similarly, when you sleep well, this imbalance is cured, and you can get back to your decent eating order and cut back on all the calories in a seamless manner.

Sleep is essential for the proper functioning of the body and balanced emotional health. Hence, you can’t allow a mattress to come in the way of your peaceful and restful sleep. Once you know that your sleep deprivation is dependent on the quality of the mattress you use, you need to go ahead and change it.

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