A Brief Guide To The Power of Social Media Marketing

November 11, 2018

Social media opens up so many doors for you that you may feel getting a wide free platform to communicate with the world, and establish a connection with the mass in a great way. The free to use social media sites are more than enough to set communication. There are amazing things you can do with the power of social media and spread the word and awareness. Online promotions simply stay incomplete without the use of social media platforms, and the more skilled you get in using them, the more you can create a wider better market for your product.

Why use social media?

You would love to use social media for the free open platform the various social sites offer to get connected with people. The power of social media in creating awareness is immense. Facebook and Twitter at one time got the highest limelight. Then came services like Google+ and LinkedIn. Pinterest and Instagram also have spread their wings gradually over time. The initial days of social media, when Twitter and Facebook ruled were the days of microblogging, small text comments, and image and video sharing. Facebook gained popularity at that time, and Twitter gained popularity too for small apt to the point quick comments. Celebs used twitter from all over the world. Facebook also got that importance. Soon,  social media marketing became one of the most important marketing strategies for businesses in every industry. In fact, there are now ways to buy Facebook likes  and boost engagements on social media profiles in order to improve marketing results.

Why image marketing on social media?

Image marketing today is a vital part of social media marketing. All social media platforms get a lot of image posts just because images grab the attention of the viewers the fastest. And for these reasons, the online marketers, SEO experts, website owners all try to create stunning image files. It may be a photograph, a banner or poster, a message with text and colors or some combination in image or animated one. But it must contain a message, and when you successfully create one such stunning file that will catch the attention of viewers instantly to gather gala likes, shares, comments, etc, then your image marketing gets successful. You create a mark an impression on the user’s mind, and many will follow you to your bio section to find your web link and click on it. Hence, images can help you get traffic highly when you know how to use, where to use, and how to post them the right way.

Use of Instagram

Using Instagram is the best way these days to create traffic to the website, get a good mailing list, generate leads, make a list of followers and fans, and brand your website or service. Instagram is used for photo sharing. This means it can generate great traffic if you share the right interesting, engaging photos or image files. The image files must be good enough to communicate on behalf of you, send nice messages, tell about offers and schemes, announce discounts, show your story, struggles, fun, and light side, and make the journey of your viewers worth remembering or worth taking note.

Instagram is used from mobiles primarily. The photo-sharing social media site accepts image uploads only from a smartphone. Hence, you can take pictures, edit, and instantly upload to your IG profile. And even after uploading you can edit a picture make changes etc. using the filters you get on Instagram. You can create amazing content, and add comments with it. Small one-liner comments describe the picture. Although you cannot add a link to it. You can add only one link in your IG account, and that is in your profile section in the biofield. There you may add the link to your website, which followers will click on if you prompt them to through interesting offers, images, etc.

Use of hashtags

One of the most sensitive issues in Instagram are the Hashtags which governs how much popularity and views your post may get. With the right use of the hashtags, your Instagram views may shoot high. Hashtags actually set a tag with an image. A post or image can be assigned a maximum 30 hashtags, and these tags denote the link of the post to a niche or group. There are some high demand hashtags, and then many averages and low demand tags, and also you may create your own hashtags.

Generally, brands create their own hashtags which with time gets the recognition and popularity. Otherwise, the hashtags which are most used and searched for can be found and targeted. You get to know more about the most used hashtags by searching them through Instagram’s own business account tool, and also through third-party tools. Once you get to know what the most searched and most viewed tags are, you may use the apt ones with your pictures to get good views.

Instagram business account

The Instagram business account is an even better approach to social media marketing. If you get a business account, you will be able to get many tools and features which you do not get in a simple account. And these tools will help you evaluate the views of your posts, public reactions to your posts, etc. Switching to an Instagram business profile is possible from a normal profile. And this gives you more views, and the opportunity to establish yourself as a brand.


Whether you use Instagram or Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you will get great returns from your social media marketing campaigns if you follow the marketing rules and best practices religiously. IG has cross-platform compatibility. This means you may share the posts on Instagram to other social media sites too. And, this is a great feature which minimizes efforts and helps you stay active on all vital social sites right from this one account center. You will be able to post ads too on Facebook using the Instagram ad editor and vice versa, thereby making your advertisement campaigns of these leading social sites easier, synchronized and organized.

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