March 11, 2021

You can’t manage the social media yourself with efficiency because there are some basics you will forget like, post on time, number of follow peoples and unfollow who are not going to follow back, as well as schedule posting, but with the help of social media tools you can easily manage your social networks.


It is true that peoples are using LinkedIn more and more, and it is proven that many visits to the web can be achieved by sharing on this social network.

How to get followers? In this case, it is not easy to gain followers, especially if your company is not well-known. You need to use LinkedIn planning management tool to get efficiency in your posting time and getting more followers.

First, we must leave everything well, with a good description, a good profile photo, and an attractive cover photo.

From there, to gain visibility, we have three options:

Publish content in groups on the company’s subject, use other social networks as a bridge or interact with other users.

Once we have that visibility, to gain followers, the most important thing is that the content we share is of good quality.

If it’s good and you like it, the recommendations and followers will come. We could even make a group of our theme if we see that our growth is going well and our theme is interesting.


It is the most important social network in terms of news and information. Therefore, the company must have this network.

There will always be news to share from the sector that corresponds to our company. Using different tools, interacting with our followers, and sharing content from other accounts, we will interact.

How to gain followers? In this case the question would be how to gain quality followers.

On Twitter, you can buy followers or follow strategies to increase followers’ number through hashtags such as # follow4follow or #Siguemeytesigo.

What is the use of having followers if they are not interested in our content and are not going to interact? Therefore, it is preferable to have fewer followers but higher quality.

To do this, we could search for the target audience in the competition’s followers or by searching for words or hashtags in the Twitter search engine.

After doing the first search, we will save all these accounts in a document. From there, I recommend following 5/10 people per day. Every week or every two weeks, we could unfollow followers who have not followed us.

How do we do this? Manageflitter is an application that works very well and where we can do up to 100 unfollows per day with the free version.

Besides, to gain followers, we could use hashtags of our topic and interact with our followers. I like you, thank them when they share an article with us.


I would say that it is one of the most challenging social networks for a company, although this difficulty is related to the company’s theme. If we are a sports club, for example, it will be easy to upload content: photos or videos of matches and training sessions, reports, press releases, etc.

This is a social network that we recommend, Facebook is a network that is continuously growing up.

To succeed in this network, we must have content planning, establish several weekly publications and give an idea for each day.

One day it may be a video, another a survey, and another a photo. You can also run contests to encourage interaction or special publications on specific days such as New Years’ or Mother’s Day.

It creates a strategy based on what can attract our business’s attention, give ideas and rescue the best and the most creative. 

The purpose of this would be to test, especially at the beginning, and see what works the most to keep those ideas.

How to gain followers? When we started, an excellent way to getting interaction, apart from asking our acquaintances for a first push, would create Facebook campaigns.

Of course, we have good content to share. Quality is always better than quantity, something that must be recorded well in this world. So once we have created our quality content, we can reach a target audience.

Depending on our budget, we can reach more or fewer areas and a more or less specific audience within that area. That already depends on the filters that each person puts.

Another way to gain visibility would be to join groups that could be our target audience and publish our content there.

Of course, this can only be done from a profile and not from a company page.

Ideal publication frequency: 3 or 4 a week. This is usual. If you’re a big brand with a lot of daily content, you might want to pick up the pace.

You always have to be careful not to abuse, or people may get tired of us.

Percentage of own published content: 90%. Most of the published content is recommended to be ours.

Content generated by us: videos, photos, articles, etc. I do not put a 100%, since there may always be an article that talks about us or something exciting that is not ours and interested in sharing.


The fastest growing social network in 2021. Videos and photos, and now albums and stories. Nothing more needs to be said. If we believe that we are going to have content to publish, it is a social network that we would have without hesitation. Read about change margins in google docs

If we have a good amount of target audience among our followers, it will not be difficult to gain interaction.

If people like our publication, it will only take two taps on their mobile screen. Easy, fast, what people like on a social network. Instagram is a very good network to create branding.

Being creative and combining photos and videos, we can have a very high growth curve.

Also, now with Stories, we can humanize the brand even more.

We upload to Instagram things we work on more, but in terms of Stories, they are usually photos, videos, or Boomerangs of our day-to-day, where our followers can discover more about us.

With the direct option, we can go further with the broadcast of live events.

A growing social network, and increasingly useful for its users.

How to gain followers? Using hashtags, and getting into those same hashtags to give likes and even comment, interacting with our target audience. Also, in the same way as on Twitter, we can follow 5 or 10 people per day.


Ideal publication frequency: 4 or 5 a week. If we have Instagram, it is because we will be active. In the beginning, we can collect several photos and videos, which we will use in those moments that we have less content during the week. We should always have an Ace up our sleeve in case we fall short.

Percentage of own published content: 90%. On Instagram, the content we upload will be ours, content that we have created. We will never say 100% in terms of our content since you never know if we may be interested in publishing third-party content. An excellent way to do this would be with applications like RepostApp.


We must mark the strategy that we want to follow on YouTube first.

Do we want to upload the videos we make for Facebook and Instagram? Or do we want to follow a different strategy?

Of course, everything we upload to YouTube would be good to move on to Social Networks.

Either entirely or part of the content, as a trailer to attract visits to YouTube.

It is challenging to create a YouTube channel since we must-have content and be creative and innovative to publish videos frequently.

This is a point that should be raised before launching the channel and creating a first content strategy.

How to gain subscribers? As I have previously said, one possibility would be creating small trailers for Social Networks to attract the public to our channel.

We can also, during or, especially, at the end of the video, say that if you liked the content, subscribe to our channel.

Another option would be doing advertising campaigns on YouTube.

And finally, something very useful is to comment on popular videos of the same theme as the video we want to give visibility to. You could comment on the video itself or by simply commenting on the video.

Ideal publication frequency: 4 videos per month.

We should have a regularity in case of opening a channel. If our goal is to gain subscribers, we must provide them with content. Of course, it is always preferable not to publish anything if we do not have good content.

If we want to strengthen our subscribers and continue to increase the number of them, our videos have to be up to the task.

Percentage of own published content: 100%. It is recommended that all content is ours. Created, recorded, and edited by us (or by a third party that we hire).


It is a way to generate traffic to our website and gain visibility so that people get to know about us.

For this, it is essential to create a strategy by choosing specific social networks for our company, and that these are led by someone who knows well the steps to follow to achieve the goal.

















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