Things To Keep In Mind To Design A Swimming Pool

March 11, 2021

Everyone wants to make their house attractive with the help of swimming pools, there are many staycation ideas you can learn. A backyard swimming pool staycation offers a lot of benefits, including, privacy, and health benefits. Swimming, as you may already know, is good for your heart, and can offer many other benefits, such as keeping in shape for the season! Because the pool is a place of enjoyment and a symbol of good mental health with better relaxation and clean refreshment. But times are changing, sunbathing is no longer consider a best pleasure. For many peoples, chlorine no longer smells of hygiene and purity but harsh chemicals. And classic gardens with lawns, boxwood, and gravel areas seem anachronistic.

Nothing is more boring than when you stand at the patio door and see the garden without pool.

The question remains same: what to do with the older pools? Can you reform them without too much efforts? Technically, they can be remodeled easily and attach with modern countercurrent systems or smart control via home robotics or the smartphone. However, if you are looking for a “comprehensive solution,” you will optimize user comfort and energy consumption. And in terms of design, “If the pool is solidly built and the house has good architecture, then it is a dream to integrate it and update it with plants.” And, unlike new buildings, where landscape planning is often the victim of tight budgets: ” It doesn’t get to the point where budget going up from the market.”

But how can we make swimming pools more natural, sustainable, and aesthetically contemporary? Many peoples advise, planning is a part of an overall garden concept. Beyond all the myths surrounding the pool, the pool represents the water. “Whether you are inspired by nature or the Japanese garden masters or classic English parks, “you will always find three basic building elements: water, plants and stone.” Landscape designers work together intensively from the beginning and then incorporate a pool builder to implement the pools.

First of all, the size and location of the pool can be optimally adapted to the conditions. An infinity pool can be placed on the slopes that level the terrain as well. If you choose robust natural stone for the edge, the pool blends discreetly into the surrounding landscape. Harmony is best when the same stone is used elsewhere: for stepped slabs, block steps or in the form of rocks that support terraces or create level differences in flat plots and make them look more extensive and more enjoyable. The stone does not give maintenance work: “Unlike gravel, they acquire a

patina, they become beautiful and valuable.” If possible, we recommend using stones around your area.


Do you have a patio or terrace, and you think that having a pool is a luxury that escapes you because of the lack of space? Nothing of that. With a little taste, a pinch of design, and even if the patio is small, you can install a small pool to take that dip on these hot days.

To install a pool in a patio, on a terrace, or in a small garden requires a good planning and strategy, considering the design and space. Because there is nothing more horrible than an oversized, planted pool in a backyard. To carry out the design, the following aspects must be taken into account:


  • The pool must have adequate proportionality to the solarium or garden area. The water sheet is perfectly integrated into space and does not look like a pastiche that has fallen there by chance.
  • Study about the patio’s shaded and sunny area, and ensure that both the sheet of water and the solarium have sun. Also, avoid wooded areas to prevent that the leaves always fall into the water.
  • To get the advantage of the limited space we have, it is best to place the pool on one side of the terrace, garden, or patio. If you can also put it next to a perimeter wall, this will help you give it a different decorative touch, depending on how you treat said wall. What if we cover that wall with natural stone, or if we recreate in it the whitewash of an Arab patio?
  • Since your pool is not going to be very big, how about converting it into a small spa with jets or water beds, among other accessories.

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