Five Most Ignored Reasons Why You Are So Tired In The Morning

October 25, 2017

Foggy heads and weary eyes are just two of the symptoms of tiredness. If you find yourself yawning through most mornings, chances are you are having trouble sleeping. The trouble is, most of us ignore the reasons why sleep is not effective. You might go to bed too late at night, or simply find better things to do than shut your eyes. Of course, it might also be one of these frequently ignored reasons too:

Lack Of Natural Light And Fresh Air

The brain is a clever bit of equipment. It can use triggers from natural daylight to wake you from sleep. And from the moment the sun goes down, it starts to settle you in for a night of good sleep. But if you are not ever out in the daylight, those important triggers can be missed. This makes it difficult to feel alert in the morning and tricky to feel sleepy at bedtime. Fresh air from moderate exercise can oxygenate the blood and give your brain some healthy food too!

Wrong sleeping position

If you fall asleep in an uncomfortable position, chances are you are going to wake up fairly quickly. Of course, if you prefer to sleep in an unusual position, then changing your mattress might aid restful sleep. Websites like find the best reviews of beds for every sleeping position you might use. That way, you can choose one that actually supports you instead of forcing you to toss and turn all night.

Blue Lights

We are not talking about the emergency services here! Your electronic devices, including some TV screens, might be emitting a blue light as you use them. Remember the daylight triggering your brain to be alert? Well, daylight is naturally blue, so your devices are going to be actively keeping you awake. Many eReaders are not nearly so troublesome, but you might want to stick with a good old-fashioned paperback.

That Extra Cup Of Coffee

It can be so tempting to grab a quick coffee on the way home from work. But did you know that any caffeine you consume after 3PM might still be in your system at bedtime? This raises your heart rate and increases your awareness. Steer clear of soda, cola, coffee, and tea as much as possible to give you the best chance of falling asleep. Websites like show you lots of other foods and drinks that contain caffeine. Why not try a hot water, a warm milk, or a fruit-infused tea instead or why not invest in the best wake up light alarm clock?


Have you ever been told you are a snorer? Perhaps your sleeping partner is one! Snoring should not be ignored. It makes you feel more and more tired each day. And it might be a sign of a very serious problem called sleep apnea. Most sufferers are not aware that they are snoring and do not notice that their breathing is interrupted in the night either. Check with your doctor if you are tired all the time. Sleep apnea should not be left untreated.

Sleep is so important to your physical and mental health. A lack of sleep can also send your hormones into a frenzy and make a mess of your emotions. If you think you’re not getting good quality sleep, then do not ignore it.


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