6 Reasons Why You Should Use Vehicle Inspection Systems

February 27, 2018

Vehicle repair shops are now adopting the use of digital inspection systems because of their efficiency and ease of use. Computerized systems make it easy for technicians to determine the problem that different vehicles have. Here are a few reasons why technicians or repair shops should invest in and use vehicle inspection software.

Adheres to set schedules

Paper-based inspection activities require administrative assistance and substantial time investment to ensure that they are carried out on time. Vehicle inspection software automatically send alerts and reminders to vehicle owners and technicians to ensure that they stay informed. This ensures that concerned parties know when the inspections are due and they will also be alerted when they are past the due date.

Simplify daily activities

When done correctly, automated inspections will significantly simplify your daily processes and expedite tasks when compared to paper-based data collection. Inspection software have features that will accelerate the entire inspection process and improve efficiency. For example, technicians can use quick pass that records data for visual inspections with a single click. RFID tags and barcodes can also accelerate daily routines with little effort and easy setup.

Abide by set regulations and standards

Digital inspections can carried out using pre-defined checklists that follow guidelines and standards to ensure that all the necessary information is easily accessible. Some clients may use different standards, for example, the OSHA Construction Safety that links the findings of their vehicle inspections with appropriate regulations. This saves lots of time and ensures accurate and timely reporting of such requirements.

Accessible organized records

With car inspection software, you will have well organized and easily accessible vehicle records. This will expedite access to crucial inspection information that you can use whenever you are in need. Furthermore, you will have a vehicle history data that can help your technicians know the problems they have handled on a specific vehicle over the years.

Peace of mind

The use of digital inspection tools gives vehicle owners peace of mind. This is because they can easily determine what is wrong with their vehicle in a matter of minutes. This is unlike the past when vehicle inspection depended on forms and the technicians’ eye for detail. With a digital diagnostic system, technicians can run a quick check on the vehicle system and determine the problem and whether it requires a quick fix or not.

Keeps insurance costs low

Use of pre-use vehicle inspection software and tools prevent drivers from operating automobiles that are considered dangerous. This works to reduce the incidence of workplace injuries, especially for commercial vehicles and will avoid higher premiums for the company’s health insurance plan and worker’s compensation. This is because only vehicles that are roadworthy will be allowed to run.

The use of automated vehicle inspection systems helps your technicians to eliminate errors and even avoid duplicate data entry. This is because the software handles all the recording and provides accurate data for different vehicles. Furthermore, defects will be quickly identified to ensure a quick repair action is carried out and avoid further damage. Investing in inspection software will immensely benefit both vehicle owners and your technicians.



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