Tips for better digestion during pregnancy

March 1, 2018

Pregnancy is one time in a girl’s life when she is pampered to the end. She is made to eat whatever she wants without thinking of gaining weight. People around her cook the best food and feed her with whatever she wishes to eat. With all this love and food, a pregnant woman becomes so full that it sometimes becomes difficult to digest the food she has binged on.

During pregnancy, your bodily functions change. Because of the pregnancy hormones, the intestinal muscles and walls start relaxing resulting in slow digestion. Some women experience serious problems in digestion. If you cannot bear the discomfort, you can ask for medical help. You will be prescribed some digestion medicine during pregnancy.

So, here are some tips for the pregnant women to have a better digestive system during pregnancy –

Exercise –

Though you are pregnant, you must get the physical exercise that is necessary for the healthy child birth. Do mild exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. For the kind of exercise you can do, ask your medical experts. Body movement and exercise stimulatedigestive system and encourage bowel movements. Brisk walks, yoga, swim laps and stationary bicycle riding are some of the exercises that pregnant women do.

Balanced diet –

In the excitement of becoming a mother, do not over eat everything. Once the baby is out, you will have a huge responsibility of getting back into shape. So, eat limited food and try to consume only healthy food. A balanced diet is what you must follow. Include lots of fibre and vitamins in your diet. Fruits and vegetables will do the trick of good digestion. Dairy products can also be consumed. Avoid food that is rich in fat and sugar.

Water –

For better digestion, you should drink lots of water. It will help you speed you the digestion process. Drink at least ten cups of water every day. Water will help you have a better bowel movement.

Don’t skip or over eat meals –

Anything too less or too much can be very injurious to health. So, do not stress yourself if you have digestion problems and stop yourself from eating. Never skip meals. Remember you are eating for your child too. So, eat at regular intervals. Make sure that you reduce the portions of food you eat instead of skipping meals. Also, eat smaller portions at regular intervals all through the day. Your doctor can prescribe pregnancy digestion medicineif need arises.

Stress management –

Do not stress yourself about anything around you. Often stress can cause problems like lowered metabolism. Thus, eat healthy, stay fit and stay calm. Read books, listen to good music and talk to loved ones to relieve your stress. If you have any worries about your pregnancy, talk to the doctor without any hesitation. Practice yoga and meditation to have a stress-free pregnancy.

Your body is not the same when you are pregnant. There will be changes that you may not understand. Thus, you need to be very careful about what you eat or drink. Avoid unhealthy food and opt for natural and healthy food.

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