Tips For Traveling To India As A Couple

March 1, 2018

Traveling with your romantic partner can be a fascinating idea. It is an exciting opportunity to not just bond and gets closer together, but also create and share memories you will cherish for a long time. There are a plethora of destinations you can choose to travel to as a couple, but India will always surface as one of the most couple-friendly destinations worth considering. The diversity in India is just great and it is also full of exciting romantic attractions, including the Taj Mahal, that both of you will love visiting. If you choose India to be your travel destination, here we present you with vital tips to help you get the most of the trip:

Discuss Your Expectations Of The Trip

Before you even think about getting the India travel visa, it is imperative for you to discuss your expectations about the trip. These refer to how exactly you feel about the trip, what you intend to achieve, and the specific things you want to do in India. Are you planning a romantic gateway or do you want to go for a full-blown tour of the ancient sites in India? Do you want to visit the monks on the mountain or do you want to go for a food tour in various Indian cities? It is vital for both of you to share your expectations, so that you can know what one wants for the trip, as this will have a huge impact on planning other important aspects of the trip.

Get Your Visa From The E-Tourist Visa Program

Getting an India travel visa is relatively easier compared to those of other countries. This is because of the existence of the e-Tourist Visa program, a program initiated by the government to help tourists to India have quick access to their visa program. With it, you do not have to visit the Indian consular. All you need is to make applications for the India travel visa online and if you provide all the details as required, getting the visa will be a walk in the park. You should, however, ensure that you make your application not less than four days to your travel date and not more than 36 days before your travel date.

Discuss The Budget And Agree On How You Will Meet The Payment

If you have ever traveled to India alone, then you should know that it will cost you slightly more than double the amount if you will be going with your romantic partner. It should not be difficult to come up with a rough budget, based on your expectations and itinerary. The challenging part is to agree on who will be paying for what or how you will go about financing the budget. While coming up with the budget, ensure that you consider decent accommodation and work out an itinerary that will not drain you financially. India is a relatively affordable country and it should not be strenuous to you if you take time and work out the details of the trip. Additionally, do not forget to look for bargains when booking air tickets and accommodation.

Share Your Packing Space

Since you are traveling as a couple, you must remember to pack as a couple too. Neither of you deserves to have more packing space than the other. It would be a good idea if you discussed what to carry and what not to carry, so that you minimize on the luggage as much as you can. Extra baggage will not just be a bother to move around with, but also can attract additional charges from the airlines. This is not the time to make your partner mad by forcing them to pay for your extra bags at the airport. Be prudent with your packing and get only the items you need.

Get Travel Insurance

You may be tempted to ignore travel insurance when you are traveling alone, but when you are traveling with your partner, it goes without saying that you must have the insurance. Lots of things can go south during the trip: one partner may fall sick due to food poisoning, you may miss a flight, lose luggage, or one may face an emergency back at home, forcing both of you to cut short the trip. It is during such instances when the travel insurance will come to your rescue. Without it, you will face lots of inconveniences, and you may also end up spending a lot of money you never planned for. Therefore, be prudent enough to have a cover for both of you.

Keep Track Of How You Spend And Be Careful About It

It is important to keep an eye on your expenses, but not in a manner to suggest that you are stingy or do not want to share your money with your partner. Since you have a budget, at the end of every day, track all your expenses to ensure you are within the limits you had set. The last thing you want is to spend all your money, get broke, and be stranded in India. This may not just ruin the trip, but also might create a crack in your relationship.

Remember, It Is Normal To Fight Even On Trips

The rules of fighting do not change now that you are on a trip to India. If you are on vacation and you annoy one another, just remember that it is a normal occurrence, but you need to have the awareness about where you are, so that you do not wash your dirty linen in public. You should also refrain from doing something stupid like tearing his or her India travel visa, because you are annoyed. Resolve your issues maturely, just as you would always resolve them at home and focus all your energies on enjoying the trip to India. Remember, such trips do not come by easily and if you have a chance to go for one, do not let turn into a battleground.

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