Trendiest Work Uniforms For 2018

March 13, 2018

You spend so much of your time at the office that investing in some great pieces that you will not only get a lot of use out of, but will also give you a bit of a confidence boost and make you feel great about your image is a no-brainer! And of course, a spiffy corporate image lets the higher-ups know that you are serious about your job and ready to take on more responsibility when potential promotions come along.

So, how do you go about choosing work clothes that will give you a polished, trendy look that oozes professionalism? Let us take a look!

Ladies: Ten Pieces To Build Your Work Wardrobe Around

No one enjoys madly rifling through their clean clothes to come up with a work outfit that looks cohesive on those days you are already running late! The secret to eliminating this stressful start to the day is building your corporate clothing closet around ten basic pieces that all match, so you can grab an outfit on the go without a moment’s hesitation regardless of whether the pieces go together or not. Go with neutral tones that will complement every skin tone and match effortlessly, and remember that darker shades look more professional (and slimming too, of course!).

Two Pairs Of Pants Or Trousers

A pair of dark skinny jeans is an excellent choice for casual Fridays, but can also be smartened up with a sophisticated jacket for a fashion-forward look during the week.

One pair of classic black trousers that fit well and are comfortable to wear all day long are a real asset to your wardrobe and best of all, they will go with absolutely everything.

Two Pencil Skirts

Midi-skirts are also one of those garments that pair up easily with loads of different tops and jackets and they tend to be flattering for every figure. We recommend choosing one “safe” option in a neutral shade, which will pair up easily with a busier and more colorful top and one more colorful or patterned option when you are going for a more playful look.

They also work well in both winter and summer, as they team up well with a pair of tights during colder weather or with a nice pair of heels or snazzy sandals during the summer months.

One Sophisticated Dress

On the days you feel like going with a more feminine look, a simple yet sophisticated dress is the way to go. Navy or gray shades work well or get a little bolder and choose something in your favorite color for those days you want to stand out a bit more!

One Coat Or Long Jacket

An elegant coat or knee-length jacket that is easy to fasten up or wear loose is one of the most valuable additions you can make to your work wear collection. Pick a neutral hue that will go with all of your other items. Ladies do not often get to wear clothing with lots of pockets, so make sure yours has some decent sized ones.

Four Tops And Shirts

Tops are where you can really let your own personality come through and if the rest of the items in your wardrobe are neutral, now is your chance to add a splash of fun and color. Two smart buttoned options that will go well with pants and could even be paired with a tie is a great start, and two more comfortable and relaxed items gives your wardrobe a lot of versatility.

For The Gentlemen

Let us be honest, it takes a little less planning to build a trendy corporate wardrobe for the guys, seeing you will be basing it around just shirts, trousers, and jackets. But dressing for the job you want, rather than the job you have, does take a little more forethought, and it can make a big difference both to how your superiors view you, and how confident you feel in yourself too. The following are a few tips to guide you on your way.

Stick To Neutral Suits

You cannot go wrong with navy blue, gray, and black as your basics. You can always add a pocket square or more colorful tie to spruce up a look, but if the suit itself is too loud, it is going to draw a little too much attention! Make sure that patterns, checks, and pinstripes are subtle and muted.


Your basic white dress shirt is an absolute must, but you do not have to shy away from other colors too. When you do, stick to either a solid color or a simple pattern that is not too loud.


Remember that a tie is meant to complement an outfit, not to become the focal point of your whole look.

Now you have all the basics in place, you are all set to merge trendy with professional — knock ‘em dead!

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