Healthcare Staffing Challenges and Their Solutions

March 13, 2018

Staffing in healthcare organizations is a sensitive issue because in most cases, the staff are entrusted with delicate human lives and a small mistake can therefore be very costly for the organization. Whether you are using a healthcare recruiting agency or doing the recruitment yourself, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure you get the best talent there is and reduce employee turnover. This article highlights some of the biggest challenges in the healthcare sector and how you can overcome them and end up with the employees that are a great fit for your organization.

  1. Low supply of qualified candidates

This means that many healthcare organizations are competing for a small number of candidates. Therefore, organizations that are able to offer better remuneration packages and terms of employment are more likely to get the best talent. This gives large healthcare organizations an edge over smaller organizations that cannot offer very competitive remuneration packages. You can make sure you get the best talent by offering competitive remuneration packages if you can afford it. But if you cannot do this, the solution is to draw more attention to your favorable employment terms and other benefits other than the salary.

  1. Education vs. experience

This is a major challenge that businesses in all industries face. Both education and experience are very important and, therefore, you should strike a balance between the two to ensure your organization is not lacking in either. Focusing too much on experience shuts out fresh graduates and this denies them an opportunity to learn and gain experience. You may end up missing out on some of the best talent in the field if you put too much emphasis on experience over education. Another way to go about this is to partner with medical schools and develop student training programs which lead to employment upon graduation. This way, even the fresh graduates you hire will have some experience in the field.

  1. Limited diversity

It is important to have a diverse workforce so that your patients can get more comprehensive care. This increases patient satisfaction as they are attended to by people with whom they can relate. If this is a challenge for you because the population in your locality is not very diverse, you may benefit from using a staffing agency as they have access to a wider talent pool because of their networks.

  1. Lengthy recruitment process

Recruitment cycles in the healthcare industry tend to be very lengthy because of all the tests, assessments, and the screenings that need to be done. If you need to fill an important position, you may not have the luxury of time and this can therefore be very frustrating. However, by using a healthcare staffing agency, you can significantly reduce the length of the recruitment cycle as the processes are streamlined and therefore take less time.

By overcoming these common challenges faced by many healthcare organizations, you can be sure to have a more efficient hiring process and end up with the best employees.

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