Five Jaw-Dropping Mexico Vacations You Need This Year

April 5, 2018

There is a reason Mexico is home to millions of people for their dream vacation destination. From sophisticated cultural attractions, divine beaches, and a nightlife that will make you feel young again, Mexico is one place you want to be in 2018!

Yes, there are places in Mexico that involve government corrupt and drug-trafficking cartels. While this would certainly make anybody cautious when visiting Mexico, I must remind you that almost every place you visit in the world has similar problems. But those problems should not deter you, as the following places I am going to share with you are completely safe. In fact, Mexico had over 35 million international tourists in 2016:

  1. Mexico City

Founded in 1325, the Spanish colonized the city in 1521 and dubbed it “Mexico.” Feel free to flourish in ample opportunities to study the wonderful city’s rich past. With over 9 million inhabitants, there is plenty of delicious and unique food to experience. Be sure to spend some time in the Federal District to dive in deep into the world-renown culture and arts scene.

It is highly recommended to travel Mexico City by city busses, which costs less than $1 USD, as driving yourself will save your wallet.

  1. Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is home to a relaxing beach, a wild, thriving nightlife (with fantastic ocean views), and the Los Arcos. The Los Arcos are ancient rows of arches that double as an amphitheatre, full of magnificent art, enthusiastic street performers, and free cultural performances. Seeing more of the vibrant culture is as simple as taking Puerto Vallarta tours through the city and surrounding areas.

  1. Oaxaca

This state (pronounced wah-HAH-ka) is Mexico’s capital city. There’s a reason Oaxaca is claimed to be Mexico’s “hippest culinary capital”. There are thousands of lively markets bursting with artisans and nose-pleasing aromas from food that is to-die-for. It is also host to the Hierve el Agua, which are beautiful natural mineral springs on a clifftop. You can swim in the warm springs or go on a Nature-filled, serene hike. Oaxaca is also known for its great beaches and surf destinations. has beachfront property rentals, perfectly located at the southern tip of the Emerald Coast. They offer a truly luxurious and unique experience.

  1. Guadalajara

If you are the kind of person who wants to see the less touristy side of vacation spots, you want to visit Guadalajara. Feel free to lose yourself in plentiful mariachi bands, tequila distilleries, and a serious nightlife that will take your breath away. There are local rodeos, Mexican wrestling, and a lot more.

Getting around Guadalajara requires nothing more than taking cabs, busses, or light trains. However, with over 4 million people, you could take a guided Guadalajara tour if you desire.

  1. Tulum

Are you a luxury traveler? Do you enjoy buying the finest items and antiques life has to offer? Do you want nothing but the best of the best? Then Tulum is for you. You can take a luscious canal journey through the beautiful Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, indulge your spirits in one of the luxurious spas, or rejuvenate your soul at Playa Paraiso; a beach that will make you feel like you are in paradise.


Safety is a concern for anyone traveling abroad, to any country in the world. Each country has areas that are dangerous and areas that are safe. To maximise your safety on your vacation, remember to stay out of towns closer to the U.S. border, as they have higher crime rates. If you can, travel during daylight and stay mostly in the safer regions mentioned here. The onslaught of homicides and violence may scare you, but know that a large number of these are due to wars between drug cartels and not an attack on tourists.

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