How to opt for the best treatment for narcolepsy? Here’s what you need to know!

April 9, 2018

Narcolepsy is one of the more common neurological diseases one can come across. The victims of this disorder tend to fall asleep at anytime and anywhere while doing any activities; during office hours, while talking, in the middle of a workout session or even while playing sports. One in every 2000 people has a chance of falling victim to this disorder.

How is it different from regular sleeping?

To understand this disorder more, you have to understand certain details about the general sleep pattern of a healthy human being. A normal person usually has five stages of sleep. In the first 90 minutes or so, there is a non-rapid eye movement or as it is called NREM. Then for the next 90 minutes, the person enters in a rapid eye movement or REM stage. Dreams usually occur during this stage. In general, a healthy person is required to have at least 75% of his or her sleep in the NREM stage.  There is a myth that people who suffer from Narcolepsy tend to spend more time sleeping than others. But the truth is that they sleep the same amount as most people do. But, their routine of sleeping and waking up is disrupted due to the disorder.

Symptoms of Narcolepsy

The most common and obvious symptom of this disorder has to be the excessive sleepiness during the daytime. EDS is one of the major symptoms of Narcolepsy found in most patients. In such cases, the victim tends to feel drowsy at any time of the day and falls into sleep mode I the middle of performing other activities. This has nothing to do with the fact whether the person had an adequate sleep the night before or not. The reason for this is the low level of energy in their body or depression, or it can even be over exhaustion.

Another symptom of narcolepsy is sleep paralysis, and during this, the victim is unable to move any part of his body or even speak while falling asleep.

Other symptoms include cataplexy, hallucinations, disturbed nocturnal sleep.

Modafinil as a cure for the Narcolepsy

Modafinil can be a very effective drug in the cure for narcolepsy. This drug is also helpful in keeping you from falling asleep during your regular work routine. You can get this medicine through the online stores available under regulated UK pharmacy. However, the exact method of how modafinil works in keeping you awake is still unknown. And it’s not a permanent cure for sleep disorders in general as well. No drug can substitute you not getting enough sleep.But it is assumed that modafinil probably works by influencing a few components of the brain that control the sleeping and waking patterns of our body.


It is advisable that narcolepsy patients may take this medicine through their mouth. They can take it with or without food, as prescribed by their respective physician. The daily does usually one in the morning or as your doctor suggests. Some may even suggest dividing the dose throughout morning and noon. However, issues of withdrawal symptom when this medicine is stopped has been reported.

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