Winter rescue mask

November 21, 2022

Weather aggression is always noticeable not only on hands and lips, but also on the face. This mask contains full fat cream cheese, which will restore some of the lipid mantle and help protect skin against the weather and dryness. The remaining ingredients will boost skin’s vitality and revive it.  Wheat germ oil is extremely nourishing and moisturizing, it is also anti-aging and grapefruit juice we’ll load your skin with antioxidants and vitamin C for a refreshed and younger looking skin. I think this is optional but strongly recommended if you wish to have proteins in your mask, as well. Prepare this formula when your skin feels dry and tight, or routinely during the winter and harsh weather months. Avoid using niacinamide or retinol right after the mask to avoid tretinoin purge.


Allow the cheese to soften at room temperature but do not microwave. Flatten with a fork, and then add remaining ingredients one at a time by mixing with a fork. Dreads with a spatula on clean face and neck directly or between double layers of pre-cut gauze strips. Prepare the gauze strips ahead of time by causing double layers and cutting for rectangles for the forehead and neck and four circles for the checks.

Lie back or sit in a reclining chair and wait 15 to 20 minutes before removing gauze pads and rinsing off.Repeat this mask on a weekly basis to sustain results and protect the skin. Follow with the application of daily moisturizer and sunblock. Again, tretinoin or retinol are out of question.

Cooling gel Mask

This mask is a great choice for sensitive skin suffering from irritation. It relies on the anti-inflammatory properties of rosemary to ease the redness and soothe to the skin. Mint is also another contributor to the fact this recipe because it contains mental, which will provide an instant cooling effect and potentiate deficiency of rosemary. Cucumber juice is a skin friendly ingredient that will moisturizing a very soft way, and its effects are complemented by glistering, which acts as an emollient, bringing more moisture to the skin.


Used Rosemary preferably fresh, fresh mint chopped, boiling water, cucumber juice, vegetable glycerin.

Start by preparing a decoction of rosemary and mint by adding them to the boiling water. Wait three to five minutes before turning off the heat. Filter and set aside for a few minutes before adding cucumber juice and glycerin. Stir to mix. While concoction is still warm sprinkle gradual amounts of gum on the surface and whisk until a gel starts to form.

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