Four Guidelines To Help You Find A Good OBD 2 Car Scanner

April 23, 2018

Gone are the days when one would have to wait for the visit to the garage to know what is wrong. Thanks to technology advancements, you can make the diagnosis right where you are and let the mechanic know. To do this, you need the best diagnostic tool there is. The most common are the OBD scanners. There are two; OBD 1 and OBD 2. The latter are better. You can confirm by looking at OBD2 scanner reviews. When buying one, you can follow the following guides to make the shopping easier:

  1. Features

Different models of OBD 2 scanners have different features. They are an improved version of the first so have a wider range of features. You need to know what you require before you go shopping. Some are capable of resetting the brakes and airbags, some can log and store data while others can even print a copy of the diagnostic report. Apart from the fancy ones, there are those that are simply capable of detecting the issue. Most mechanics prefer those that are versatile. But if you are buying for individual use, the latter are better.

  1. Range Of Use

This means the number of cars you can use it on. Again, this would depend on the reason you are buying the scanner in the first place. Do you own a garage or is it for personal use? It is for a garage, so you probably get a variety of cars that come in to get fixed. In order to make your work easier, choose an OBD 2 scanner that can be used on a large number of vehicles without issue. If it is for personal use, you can pick something that is compatible to the vehicles you own.

  1. Ease Of Use

Since it is a piece of technology, it could get tricky to use. Therefore, you need to pick a scanner that you are able to operate without requiring a large amount of help. Make sure you know how to use it before purchasing it. If it is for a garage, you can go for more sophisticated technology as you will need it for variety of uses. However, if it is for your individual use, simplicity is the way to go. Choose something user-friendly that can meet your needs without complications.

  1. Software Upgrade

There are some OBD 2 scanners that can be upgraded remotely while there are some that don’t have such settings. It would all depend on you, especially how long you plan on using it for. For some scanners, you can just install the latest software and remove the old one. Therefore, when choosing one, you need to pick one with malleable, easy-to-manipulate software if you intend to upgrade remotely. Depending on the software, the scanner could have USB and Bluetooth capability. The scanning speed also depends on the ability of the scanner’s software to read the cars code. Choose what suits you.

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