Flat Rate and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Companies: Apps and Reasons for Them

April 23, 2018

Upfront flat rate pricing tells you before the work begins what the rates are and therefore, how much you are expected to pay. It also means that you to pay by the job, not by the hour. So, if the technician is slow, you do not pay for extra time.

In order to get an accurate quotation, a technician is sent around to your place to inspect the issue that needs to be worked on. Then they will give you a quotation. A good company is one that will address the concerns you have as a client when you need your air conditioning repaired; concerns like:

  • How much will the repairs cost?
  • How long will they take?

When you are given the price upfront, you are assured of the commitment of the company that is coming in to do your repairs.

What are the pros of upfront pricing?

  • Diagnosis and pricing

The technician gives you a quote after diagnosing the problem that needs to be fixed. This is done before the repair work begins and your concerns are addressed way before the job is completed.

  • Transparency

The quotation is done before the client. The technician takes the client through the whole diagnostic process, points out the problem and gives a quotation. The client is led to understand why that price has been arrived at.

  • No shocks

You are aware of whatyour final bill will be and there will be no surprises as the work progresses. There is nothing like someone telling you right in the middle of the repairs that work cannot proceed because you need to add a few more thousands because something came up.

  • Easy to understand

It is definitely easier to have a rate that is fixed than to sit down and attempt to come up with a new price every time a job needs to be done.

With flat-rate pricing, the client can choose to get the job done, prepare for the job to be done later when they are ready, or decline based on the pricing. There are quite a number of sites like www.coolfront.comthat can give you so much more information on flat rate pricing the technology involved.

Why is flat rate pricing especially good for HVAC companies?

  • One reason would because flat rate takes care of any pricing errors that might arise. The technician takes very little time to get the right price on the invoice very clearly and no confusion arises.
  • The company image is tremendously improved as clients will perceive it as more professional. The flat rate prices are published in a price book andavailed for all interested parties to see. A price nook is always a good accessory to have in the company lounge.
  • Company receivables are reduced. The technicians know the price and all they have to do is complete the job and bring in the cash.
  • The flat rate can also be added to the dealer’s credit card cost. This means that the service provider can accept card payments from the clients, which is a good thingseeing as most people would rather pay via card.
  • Every customer pays a uniform amount of money. This means that there is less likelihood of misunderstandings erupting over pricing since everyone receives the same invoice.
  • The flat rate usually includes other charges like travel charges for the technicians who come out to do the repairs. This makes it possible toadjust the travel charges up or down depending on the cost of fuel.
  • Upfront charges allow for the company to achieve its objective of turning in a profit because less time is spent haggling over pricing.

Flat rate pricing software

Flat rate pricing software for HVAC, electrical and plumbing must be something that dealers in HVAC are really grateful for.

  • It quickly works out the flat rate pricing for parts once they are entered into the database.
  • The software is easy to set up.
  • You can print as many price book as you like.
  • Easy to update – You can buy one that is actually updated ton the current year actually.

Technology really does make everything that much simpler. It is no longer necessary to work out inflation rates so as to get your flat rate. With an app, all you need to do is update and print!

Some of the software even includes myriads of repairs for HVAC as well as electrical, plumbing and refrigeration systems. Users of this software are able to update their pricing and change their flat rate books as they will.

The software also comes with manuals and training videos. So once you purchase one, you will have a tutorial on how to run it.

Who is eligible to use this software?

Anyone involved in offering services like electricals, plumbing, and HVAC is eligible to use this software. It offers you a new way to run a business.

Reasons for using the software

  • It increases cash flow. This is because once work is completed, the technician is paid.
  • The prices are right there for the client to see. You avoid lengthy negotiations and quickly get to the matter at hand.
  • You avoid price disputes because you have a signed and authorized work order before you begin any work.
  • You have less need for salespeople and this of course means money saved. All you need is your technician and the price book.
  • Since you have more time on your hands and less need for salespeople, your business sales will go up and you can start to consider expanding.
  • It is simple to use and gives you and your technicians fewer chances of making errors.
  • Precision pricing, which means it is designed to increase profit.
  • It gives your business that sophistication, thereby improving your business image and bringing you more work. It portrays you as a business-savvy executive who is visionary and can be trusted to deliver.

In the business world, image matters a lot and technology is one way to improve your image. Therefore, check out www.coolfront.com and other sites like it to find out more about flat rate pricing maps and how they can benefit you.

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