Spruce Up Your Style With These Accessories

May 1, 2018

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start focusing on your wardrobe. If you believe your wardrobe is out of style, it may be time to start making plans to make a few investments. Now, this does not necessarily mean you need to invest in a new wardrobe, but only a few fashion accessories. Believe it or not, these items can alter your style for the better. Below, you will discover a list of accessories that will surely spice up your style:

Add A Vest

Vests are known for making a statement. In fact, a single vest can make an outdated outfit look like it is brand new. Do not be surprised when someone compliments you on your new wardrobe, when in fact the only piece that is new is the vest. Vests are available in a range of designs and styles, including professional and casual. You can even find a vest that can be worn without a shirt underneath. The option is yours to make, so be sure to choose a style that will compliment your existing wardrobe.

Add A Chunky Bracelet

Contrary to belief, not all bracelets are made the same. While the diamond bracelet statement is all about luxuriousness, the cuff bracelet says modernity and sexiness. By adding a chunky cuff bracelet to your attire will go a long way in sprucing up your style. Swiss replica watches, on the other hand, make a fashion statement like no other. In fact, they can retrofit to your entire wardrobe, regardless if you want are dressed down to attend a casual event or dressed to the tee for a formal dinner.

Take Advantage Of A Black Or Tan Leather Tote Bag

There is nothing that can wreck your style quicker than carrying the wrong tote. Most women do not even think that their tote or purse has anything to do with their wardrobe, but this simply is not true. The right tote will not only bring your entire wardrobe together in a good light, but it will make you stand out amongst the crowd. Sure, you probably have a closet full of several different totes, but how do you know which one to pull out and when? Invest in a black or tan leather, nylon tote with a sturdy construction and match it perfectly with your handbag. This could be just the very thing that takes you from sloppy to sophisticated.

Big, Dark Sunglasses For Style And Protection
Big Dark Sunglasses

Big, dark sunglasses not only enhance your style, but they might be completely necessary on a bright, sunny day. Make sure that your choose a lightweight frame, so they do not dent your nose or cheeks. You want something that will provide the definition, along with UV protection. This will not only protect you from sun damage, however the right sized shades can keep your makeup-free eyes hidden from the public.

The Power Of A Jeans Belt

A jeans belt might just seem like a simple one-inch leather belt, but when you consider the class silver and gold buckles, it really adds style and elegance to any look. Choosing a black or tan one will make sure that your belt stays in sync with just about every tote, shirt, and a pair of boots that you own. However, choosing the right length will be crucial, as you want the belt to fit tightly and snug in all the right places.

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