4 Interesting Things You Should Know about Koozies

May 2, 2018

People have come up with creative ways to make life easier. They have come up with items you never thought you would need. They have turned out to be quite helpful. One such thing is a koozie. You may have heard of them a lot or even seen them around. You may not know a lot about them so even getting one seems to make no sense. However, the more you learn about them, the more you will want to know and even end up buying one. The top things you should know include:

  1. Material

The most common material used to make koozies is foam. This is because foam is malleable and insulating. They provide a snug fit for whatever you want to be held inside. Foam also provides a soft and smooth surface for the person carrying the koozie. Another material used is the new foam variants that can duplicate the properties of neoprene. The difference is that the cost is lower. They are more durable than basic foam koozies. The last material used to make koozies is neoprene. This is the same material that. It makes wetsuits is classier and more durable. It is also lightweight.

  1. Definition

A koozie by definition is to drink holder made of different materials, mostly foam, that helps to provide insulation for your beverage. It can hold different containers whether cans or bottles. A koozie is important because it helps to maintain the temperature of your drink at the level you want. There are many shapes, designs, and sizes. It all depends on what you want for yours. They are usually used by most businesses as a promotional gift but you can buy your own if you want. They are sold in stores.

  1. Choosing the right one

When choosing one, you need to pick the one that gives your container a snug fit. It doesn’t matter whether it is a beer can, bottle, wine bottle or a beverage cup. The koozie you pick should be appropriate for your container in all ways possible. Depending on where you get your koozie, you may have the choice of various designs. Choose one that suits your style and personality. Some places even offer to do customized koozies. All you need is to take to them the design you had in mind and they will get it done for you in no time at all.

  1. Uses

The main use of koozies is to hold the container in question snugly and keep it at the appropriate temperature. The latter is made possible due to the insulating material it’s is made of. Apart from that, koozies that are well designed can perform a couple of other functions. It can help your collection of wine look classier and more elegant while making your friends envious of your creativity and taste. It also reduces the bulk of your load should you need to go hiking or for a picnic. You don’t need to carry a cooler around. All you need is your koozie.



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