Why Mass Flow Measurement Is Important Within Process Industries

May 2, 2018

Many industry players will tell you that it is of vital importance that you have the right fluid at the right place at the right time. As poetic as that sounds, measurement of flow is very important in some applications. Sometimes, product quality is hinged on the accuracy of flow measurements. Therefore, The fluid transfer products are used to manage the movement, flow and transfer of liquid, solid and gaseous materials in our Vehicles.

What is most important when working with fluids d gas? Safety and health. You know how gases can be explosive and really mess everything up. That includes causing fatalities. It is therefore very important to have accurate measurements of the volume of gas flowing in the pipes. The allowance for error here is almost non-existent.

What you need is a smart measurement flow meter because you need to provide security to the process as well as the workers. There are many variations of flow meter technology. It is, therefore, no walk in the park making a decision about which flow meter is appropriate for which application.

The DFM (direct flow measurement)

  • Direct flow measurement gets rid of inaccuracies which may be caused by the physical properties of the fluid being measured.
  • Since mass is not altered by changes in temperature or pressure, direct flow measurement becomes an important method of measuring fluid flow.
  • Variable area meters and turbine flow meters are volumetric measuring devices which are not able to differentiate between temperature and pressure changes.

Let’s understand the Coriolis Principle

This principle is evident everywhere around us. A good example is the rotation of the earth and how it affects the changes in the weather. Here’s how it works:

  • A fixed vibration energises a tube.
  • There will be a change in vibration when a fluid, any fluid, passes through the energised tube.
  • The tube will then twist, which causes a shift in the phase
  • It is then possible to measure the phase shift and a linear output arrives at that is equal to the flow.

Since the measurement of the mass flow is not dependent on what is flowing within the tube, this principle can be used with any fluid in the tube. It would also work on gas.

Other noteworthy features offered by the Coriolis mass flow meters include:

  • Both liquid and gas can be measured using the same sensor.
  • It is able to measure an undefined mixture.
  • It has many parameters.
  • With this principle, there is no need for calibration in the field.

There is also the Mini Cori Principle. All in all, the Coriolis principle seems to work best compared with all other principles because when it is applied as a mass flow meter, it has its place of deference within the measurement of fluids and control, which is important within the process industry.

The Coriolis Principle is therefore very relevant in the process industry, especially with regard to the need to for accuracy and the sensitiveness of the process when it comes to the safety and health of the individuals involved in the industry.

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