Seven Motivating Websites For Women We Are Obsessed With

February 16, 2019

Lifestyle websites try to cover every element for everyone, but we women function differently. We are formed of different needs and interests and we require media to identify our interests and cater to them. In pursuit of finding influencers who feed my type of interests, I came across these seven websites which completely mesmerized me with their informative content. These platforms by women are not just resourceful, but are an inspiration to other women. And I take great pride in introducing these amazing websites to you all. Maybe, you already know about them, however if not then this article is a must read for you. These women are educating us all about everything from personal finance to meditation. 

So, here are my top picks for Women’s lifestyle websites that one should definitely be following: 

  • Blood + Milk:

This site is an educating platform for all the women out there. It is providing great tutelage over menstruation, sex, and intimacy, birth control, abortion, motherhood, and fertility etc. Blood and milk is more than an online publication platform. It is a community resource for. It is an awakening call for all the oppressed women out there. It is a cry for equal gender rights and is a source of enlightenment to all those who are suffering from womanly problems and do not have any clue what to do about them.

It is our favorite site for empowering stories, advice about motherhood, menstruation, and sex.

  • Darling Magazine: 

Darling Magazine started as a print mag but soon redefined the art of being a woman. Their images and content areunique in themselves. The content is specially designed to empower women from the core. Darling has evolved in a short time span and is not just a print mag now — it is the ideal online resource to obtain motivation and inspiration from.

 If you are not sure where to get started, read their suggested articles which instantly make you feel overwhelmed and ambitious about experiments. 

  • The Cut: 

The cut is all about style, self-love culture, and power. When it started years ago, it was a merepublication for women with style and self in mind. But today The Cut is a reliable resource for politics, ongoing events, and above of all for the honest, challenging, and tabooed conversations. Content on some days will be designed to talk about Danity Kane and Vanderpump rules and some days they will be discussing breastfeeding at work and career advice. The platform surfaces mixed and interesting arguments which intrigue and educate the audience. 

  • The Skinny Confidential: 

The Skinny Confidential is a well-known blog from San Diego. I have been following it for a long time. The blog is all about creating a healthy lifestyle through balance. The blogger wanted to connect all the ladies out there through tips and tricks and it turned out to be great for her. Since then her blog is an ultimate fitness guide for masses. She has grown the blog into a full-on lifestyle blog, with YouTube channel and a product line coming up soon. She blogs from home where she shares recipes, fashion advice, and trends, workout sessions, etc. It is all because of the power of the internet. Cox San Diego internet and cable deals have gained the full confidence of these bloggers and computer engineers because of its reliable service. If you are also working on internet, then find yourself a reliable internet connection. You can find suitable package for yourself on localcabledeals.

  • Mindbodygreen:

It is basically based out of Brooklyn and is devoted to making you live your best healthy life whether it is emotionally, physically, or spiritually. This platform has got all of us covered. Mindbodygreen is actually teaching us how meditation and focused intentions can bring a great change into our lives. They are not just confined to the lifestyle, but are dedicated to mindfulness and wellness. They provide online classes and training programs led by experts from around the world. 

  • Create and Cultivate: 

This Entrepreneurial site is on a mission to support and motivate women to start their own venture. Create and cultivate is providing support to the women who are ambitious about their career and want to chase their dreams to reality. The ladies behind create and cultivate are educating women through every step of their entrepreneurial way to smooth the whole experience for them. Their content is not just confined to this platform but they have taken it to the road too. They are also conducting conferences to keep you all engaged. You can touch them online or IRL to seek advice. 

  • Chalkboard Magazine: 

Chalkboard is perfect for all the fitness freaks. It is a treat for the people who are into nutritious recipes, green beauty, and living a long, healthy lives. When Chalkboard started back in 2012, they knew that adopting a naturally healthy lifestyle is tough for most of the people out there. But they dared to challenge and now they are adding incremental lifestyle challenges to our lives to improve its quality. They mix international nutrition’s expert advice with their own to present to you the best solution to lead a healthy and active life. 

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    These are amazing links! I’m so glad I found your website. I also appreciate the explanation below each link. It helps me to choose which should I view first.


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