What You Can Do For Busting The Brain Fog

June 17, 2024

Ever find yourself in the middle of a task, only to realize your mind has wandered off into a foggy haze? That is known as brain fog. It is like your thoughts are swimming in molasses, making it hard to focus, remember things, or even think straight. Honestly, it is so hard for your brain to function when there is all this fog in the way- just as it is hard to drive when it is foggy. 

So, if you are noticing that this is becoming more common in your life, what can you do? Well, the good thing is, you do not worry! The good news is there are plenty of ways to fight back and get your clarity back. So, with all of that said, let us dive into some friendly, practical tips to bust that brain fog and get your mind sharp again.

You Will Have To Keep Hydrated

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to combat brain fog is to drink enough water. Yep, that is right, it is that simple! Now, you have to keep in mind that our brains are about 75% water, and even mild dehydration can impair cognitive function. So, keep that water bottle handy and sip throughout the day. If plain water does not excite you, infuse it with slices of lemon, cucumber, or mint for a refreshing twist.

Eat Brain Boosting Foods

Your diet plays a huge role in how your brain functions. Foods rich in antioxidants, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals provide the necessary nutrients to keep your brain healthy. You know that phrase “You are what you eat,” well there is some truth to it. So, you are going to want to eat things good for the brain, so think berries, nuts, seeds, fatty fish like salmon, avocados, and dark chocolate. Yes, chocolate! Just make sure it is the dark kind, packed with flavonoids that improve cognitive function.

Are You Putting Sleep First?

This is probably the major thing, so how much sleep are you even allowing for yourself? It is super important to understand that sleep and brain function are closely linked. When you are sleep-deprived, your brain does not get the chance to reset and clear out the gunk that builds up throughout the day. 

This is exactly why you need to aim for 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night. Like it or not, your body and brain need this amount, but sometimes longer can be fine, too (just never shorter). But with that said, you should also create a bedtime routine that signals your body it is time to wind down. This could include reading a book, taking a warm bath, or listening to calming music. And try to keep a regular sleep schedule, even on weekends. It sounds generic, but it truly works! 

Are You Relaxing Enough?

Sitting for twenty minutes for a meal is barely relaxing, and outside of bathing and sleeping, are you actually giving yourself a chance to unwind? Do you truly get to sit down, unwind, and relax without having to be stressed out? Your brain needs a chance to recharge; your mental health needs this, plus your body does too. But this time for relaxing actually needs to be relaxing. 

For example, you could look into doing a crossword puzzle on your phone, read a good book, or do something that is truly cozy. What you should not do is consume content that is stressful, such as doom-scrolling or watching the news (when there is nothing but negative current events going on). 

You Need To Keep Active

Did you know that exercise is a powerful tool against brain fog? A lot of people only know it for its mood-boosting properties, but it is true: it can really help with brain fog. So, when you get your heart pumping, it increases blood flow, delivering more oxygen and nutrients to your brain. It also promotes the release of endorphins (just like what was mentioned), and these technically help in reducing stress and improve your mood. So, whether it is a brisk walk, a yoga session, or a dance-off in your living room, get moving!

Stay Social

It is so important to understand that human connections are vital for mental health. So, you need to start spending time with friends and family, engaging in meaningful conversations, and being part of a community can boost your mood and mental clarity. If you cannot meet in person, video calls or even a quick phone call can make a big difference.

How Are You Managing Stress?

Hobbies, breaks, exercise, sleep, all of these are ways to mitigate stress. If you are going through a stressful time, this will 100% eat at your brain, and it is really going to cause nothing but clutter and fog. It will only get worse and worse over time. So that is why you really need to manage this the right way.

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