Are HVAC Service Contracts Worth The Money?

May 26, 2018

Instead of having to schedule maintenance and repairs for one’s heating and cooling units, many people choose to arrange an HVAC maintenance contract with a company that is licensed and qualified to uphold their end of the deal. There are many such companies that exist to keep your heating or cooling units in top working order and most of them will offer this kind of contract, so that your business with them is guaranteed and your AC is taken care of with routine, necessary maintenance.

But are there really any benefits to entering into one of these contracts, versus simply calling to schedule an appointment when maintenance and repairs are needed? The jury’s out on that one, as some view these contracts as a waste of time, while others sing their praises, since they do not have to go out of their way to schedule appointments every time their AC or heating needs servicing.

Types of Service Contracts Available

Generally speaking, there are three types of HVAC service contracts that you can enter into, with each one detailing its own specific set of criteria. These options are:

  • Contracts that only cover the labor cost of annual or semi-annual maintenance and repair visits.
  • Contracts covering labor for unplanned repairs and planned maintenance.
  • Contracts covering labor for maintenance and repair visits, as well as the cost of necessary parts.

Whichever one you select, if you choose to enter into such a contract, depends on which one is more suitable to your unique situation. If you are unsure, an agent for the HVAC Company should be able to guide you toward making the best decision for you.

Benefits Of An HVAC Maintenance Contract

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) service contracts often get a bad rap, because the history of these agreements is marred by shoddy workmanship and unprofessionalism on the part of some service contractors. However, a reliable and consistent company that only employs professionals in the field is likely to give you a great experience. Do not believe us? Well, here are some reasons why you should consider one of these contracts:

  • You do not have to worry about scheduling an appointment before summer or winter. With a sound service contract in place, the contractor will visit right before winter and right before summer, to ensure that your heating and cooling systems are working exactly as they should be — before you need them.
  • An HVAC contractor will be able to identify any small issues before they become big ones. They will also change the furnace filters according to size, because not all furnace filters are the same, they are known by their sizes such as 10x10x1 filter, 12x20x1 filter, and so on.
  • These contracts, when given by the right company, should be concise and clear to understand. You should nor have to hire a lawyer to get the gist of it and figure out its terms.

Disadvantages Of An HVAC Maintenance Contract

  • Sometimes, the cost of the contract itself is actually higher than the cost of the services that you will be receiving. This is something that you need to consider, as you are essentially paying for labor and repairs ahead of time with one of these contracts.
  • Once the contract agreement has been signed, you are pretty much stuck with the company that you have entered into this arrangement with. If you find yourself looking to another company for any service or repairs, then you will actually end up shelling out a significant amount of cash.

Unscrupulous HVAC companies have created a distrust of the profession overall, but a solid service contract can be attained with a company that genuinely puts their customers and their craft at the forefront.

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