5 signs that your hardwood flooring needs refinishing services

June 4, 2018

The classic and stylish look that hardwood floors provide makes it a favorite flooring option for many. From the rich color to the beautiful sheen, hardwood flooring can incredibly upgrade the look of any home. However, with years of use, and wear and tear, you may notice visible imperfections in your flooring. These flaws usually mean that it might be time to refinish your wooden floors. Here are a few signs that you should look out for before considering refinishing.

Scratches and dents

After your hardwood floor has been cleaned, you can check out for dents, scratches, and gouges. These can come as a result of a number of reasons such as walking on the floor with shoes, dropping things, or moving furniture. If you notice a lot of scratches and dents on your floor, then it is definitely time for you to refinish the flooring. If you see any splinters on the surface, then your floor will require sanding before refinishing it to avoid any bumps on the surface.


After using your wooden floor for several years, the protective sealant that is on its surface usually wears off. This allows debris, water, and even UV rays from the sun to reach the wood. As a result, you can easily notice discoloration in some areas. In severe cases, the hardwood will turn black or grey. This is a sign that your floor requires quick refinishing services. If you do not repair your floor immediately, you may require extensive repairs in future, for example, replacing any rotten boards.

Flooring level

When your wooden floor is not on the same level, then you will need the Best Deck Sanding and refinishing services. You can easily notice this when you drop something on your floor and it rolls unprompted. In addition, if the floor seems wavy in some areas, then it means that you have a moisture problem. You can easily see wavy floor parts when you lie down on the floor. You can prevent further damage to the floor by refinishing it with a sealer to block off moisture completely.

Gaps or cupping

The hardwood floor in your house should be fitted together perfectly. However, you may notice some gaps or cupping between the wooden boards over time. This is mainly caused by rapid heating and cooling, or excessive moisture in the surrounding air. Refinishing your floors can help to eliminate these gaps and cupping from your floor.

Sticking Rugs

When you start noticing your rugs sticking to your wooden floor, then you will need floor sanding and refinishing services. This is a sign that your floor is worn out in specific places. Wearing off can occur because of pet stains and heavy traffic. The finishing used to polish wooden floors usually wears off fast and will need to be retouched constantly.

Hardwood floors are tough and durable; however, they require proper care and refinishing services to ensure that they maintain their luster and beauty. Dragging and dropping hard objects on the floor can cause unsightly scratches or dings while spilling liquids can weaken the wooden boards. If your floor starts looking worn down and dull, you can consider floor refinishing to restore its original beauty.

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