Nine Benefits Of Learning And Using A Hand Sewing Technique Instead Of A Sewing Machine

June 4, 2018

Most sewing tutorials are usually about sewing machine use and the best embroidery software. However, did you know you can stitch up things with your hands? There has been a misconception that hand-sewn items are of lower quality, less shapely and weaker than the machine sewn ones.

This is wrong! Hand sewing has some distinct advantages over machine sewing that will draw you to start using it. Armed with the right tools in your sewing kit, you can produce amazing items all from hand sewing.

The benefits of hand sewing include:

  1. It improves coordination – Sewing by hand requires lots of skills for your fingers and brain. More so, it requires the two to work together, bringing a coordination that is vital and that most people lack. This skill, when learned and practiced early, hones the development skills in children and keeps the elderly minds healthy for longer.
  2. Gives you better control – With hand sewing, you do not need to change settings, adjust any attachments or tweak the thread. All you need to do is sew your fabric as best as you can without thinking about pins you forgot. Hand sewing also allows flawless corners, graceful gathers and any details you want to work on.
  3. It is highly portable – Unlike with sewing machine where you cannot carry your projects to work while on the go, hand sewing enables you to do it. All you need is your sewing supplies – the needle and thread, fabric and scissors and you are good to go.
  4. It is better for delicate fabrics – Some fabrics are better when sewn by hand. If prone to stretching or warping, fraying, or bunching, it is a good idea to use hand sewing to stitch it. You will definitely love the end result because the fabric will not be hurt.
  5. It preserves the vintage techniques – Embroidery, though years old, is all hand stitched. If you are interested in historical costumes, it can be a motivation and an inspiration for the modern works.
  6. It is inexpensive – This is the cheapest way to start your sewing business before you even get to buy any machine. You simply grab a pack of needles, threads and scissors and you are ready to go! You also save up on repairs and maintenance of sewing machines.
  7. It is relaxing and therapeutic – Sewing has been related to a better heart rate and blood pressure. It requires both your mind and body to work in harmony, thus eliminating stress.
  8. It is quiet – Sewing is relaxing but the noise of the sewing machine makes it noisy and uncomfortable. Hand sewing is quiet and keeps you going for long hours. It does not disturb others either and allows you to enjoy it from wherever you are. You can also listen to audiobooks or podcasts as you sew in the quietness of your patio.
  9. It is versatile – You can hand sew anything from a blind hem, simple straight stitch, etc. You can also work on different fabrics, whether heavy denim or fine silk. With a sewing machine, you will have to switch the foot, readjust settings and hope that it gives you the results you want.
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