Stay Healthy Long Into Old Age: Four Active Lifestyle Tips For Seniors

July 1, 2018

Humans might not be able to stop or revert aging yet, but there is no reason for you to let this natural process claim your health and ability to enjoy life. Leading an active lifestyle can help you stay fit and boost your resistance to various age-related health problems, such as weakening bones. Most importantly, being physically active will ensure that you can enjoy all the fun activities you have loved since the youth, from dancing to sex. Perhaps, you can even open up new horizons, like Kenny Meyer, a 102-year old skydiver.

4 Active Lifestyle Tips for Seniors: Enjoy Your Golden Years

1.    Combine Social and Exercise Time

While exercise boosts your general health, socializing strengthens your mind and wards off dementia. Combining the two will enhance the benefits of exercise and help you achieve your fitness goals faster as people tend to be more dedicated when working out with a group.

Meeting up with friends for a workout, walk, day on the beach, or a hike is also a great motivation to not be stuck at home. This reduces the risk of depression and generally improves your mood. If you do not have a social group to engage in such activities with, look for one online or through the local community center. Building a new social network will be a great exercise for the brain.

2.    Be Intimate With Your Spouse

You are never too old to have sex, which is not only a pleasant activity but also a great workout. Of course, as you get older, you might need some aids to enjoy intimacy. Post-menopausal women often experience vaginal dryness, which can be fixed with some estrogen creams and lube. Older men might experience erectile dysfunction, which you might be able to fix with male enhancement pills that work.

Do not forget that intercourse is not the only way to be intimate. Explore new techniques and never forget to cuddle as this enhances bonding and improves your satisfaction with marriage.

3.    Turn Chores Into A Workout

Active lifestyle tips for seniors do not need to call for visiting a gym and following a personalized training program using fancy equipment. Every chore can be turned into a workout with a bit of a tweak.

For example, instead of driving, walk to the grocery shop and carry the bags back home. To minimize the risk of injury, you should not carry heavy bags. So, instead go to the store more often, like every other day instead of once a week.

Cleaning and gardening are rather active chores by default. But you can enhance the benefits by adding a few dancing steps to your movements.

4.    Get A Bike

Biking is a moderate aerobic activity, which makes it one of the best types of exercise for the heart. Active lifestyle tips for seniors must always include a few activities that boost heart health because cardiovascular heart disease is the number one cause of death in the country.

Biking will not only give you a fun way to exercise and stay reasonably mobile. It is a great hobby for meeting new people. Bike clubs and groups are very common and if your neighborhood does not have one yet, you can start it easily. You are sure to have fun mapping out interesting routes for your club to explore.

No matter the activity you choose, remember that every little step makes you healthier and also makes it easier as regular exercising increases your stamina.

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