Can Vinyl Replacement Windows Save You Money?

July 18, 2018

If you are looking for windows for your home, you are probably wondering if vinyl replacement windows can save you money. Of course, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

It is obvious that most people prefer energy efficient appliances that greatly save them in terms of energy utility bills and a common practice is the use of programmable thermostats that have proved to be highly efficient in regard to energy consumption. Other than thermostats, energy efficient lighting is a concept that has gained a lot of ground. In addition, energy efficient windows are one of the most effective ways to bring down your monthly utility bills.

Windows play a great role in the illumination of your home since they allow for light penetration. However, your old windows could partially be the reason for your ever-risingenergy bills considering that they can allow for air escape, which allows warm air out and cold air in from your home thereby leaving you with no choice but to adjust the heating system for more warmth. Remember, this can happen even when your windows are closed, however not with energy efficient windows.

Replacing Your Windows

It is common knowledge that the expenses that come with vinyl windows can push most people to settle for the less costly replacement windows other than going for energy efficient windows. This practice can even be more expensive in the long run due to your increased energy consumption. Opting for high-quality energy efficient windows implies a number of benefits including:

Lower Costs

These vinyl replacement windows translate into low energy consumption rate when it comes to the heating and cooling of your home, which of course means reduced utility bills. Also remember that when you utilize the energy efficient windows, you stand a chance of getting a tax credit from your municipality. Both benefits translate into increased savings on your side as a homeowner.

Low Maintenance Costs

Energy efficient windows are designed with double-glazed glass that is greatly effective in terms of the minimization of energy transfer thus reducing condensation build up. Furthermore, this helps in preventing dirt build up on the outer part of your windows hence saving you the pain of executing spring cleaning.


When your heating and cooling systems utilize less energy to maintain your home’s desirable temperature, it implies low energy consumption. This, in turn, leads to reduced power plant emissions which normally entails the burning of elements like coal, crude oil, and other fossil fuel, which can greatly contribute to climate changes.

Vinyl windows arethe best way to go green, making your home more environmentally-friendly.

Enhanced Insulation = More Comfort

Energy efficient windows are designed with low-E glass that helps maintain a conducive temperature for your home even during the summer season. But how is that possible? The low-E coating works by reflecting heat, so that it goes back to the source. This means that your home will remain cool in the summer season and warm in the winter season hence making your home even more comfortable.

General Protection

You might be wondering what sought of general protection you can get from these windows. Well, it could be your leather couch or even doormats suffering the great heat that penetrates through your windows. Energy efficient windows serve as a barrier to the extreme weather conditions so that your home remains warm in the winter and cool in the summer season hence protecting your property and yourself as well.


Energy efficient windows are an integral part of the energy efficient homes considering their role in ensuring low energy consumption. Replacing your old windows with new ones will greatly shrink your monthly utility bills and lower your overall budget.

Consider purchasing high-quality energy efficient vinyl replacement windows, because they deliver great performance in keeping your comfortable. Plus, an upgrade to energy efficient windows will help you keep money in your pocket when it comes time to pay your utility bills.

Guest Author Bio: Dan Hatcher is the owner of Zen Windows Austin and a home services veteran. When he is not working with windows, he is blogging about them! However, when he really wants some down time, you might catch him at a Houston Astros game.

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