How To Prepare For A Kid-Friendly Holiday In Mexico

July 25, 2018

Mexico is an exciting destination for both adults and children. If your heart is set on Mexico for your next holiday, be sure your children will enjoy it as much as you.

First of all, if you are driving to Mexico, make sure that the already long journey is not prolonged needlessly at the border. Have all of the papers prepared in advance, including the Mexican car insurance policy, since your US policy does not apply in a foreign country. Getting one from places like Oscar Padilla’s Mexican Insurance is fairly easy, so it should not take too long.

Mind the Heat

If you live relatively close to our southern border, you know how hot it can be. However, Mexico is even further south, which means it is also hotter there.

Kids are much more prone to heat-induced problems, so make sure that you take precautions, like keeping them out of the sun during the hottest part of the day and staying sufficiently hydrated. This applies to all family members, but children in particular.

Health Issues

Before you set off, make sure you purchase traveler’s health insurance. This will give you access to numerous private doctors in Mexico. Even though most tourist places in Mexico have decent doctors, you may end up waiting for a long time at a public doctor.

Some of the most common issues travelers have in Mexico is diarrhea from a change in food and water, as well as insect bites. These problems have simple solutions and even simpler prevention measures, but feel free to visit the doctor if you feel it is necessary.

Fun Activities

Chances are that you will be going to a seaside resort. Fortunately, Mexico has an abundance of these places, all of which have something unique to offer to both the adults and children.

If you visit the Pacific coast of Mexico, one of the best things for your child there could be learning to surf. The waves in this area are very suitable for surfing, so children as young as 5 or 6 can learn to surf.

If your children are more about animals, the Pacific coast has you covered, too. At different parts of the year, you can go out to sea and spot dolphins, whales and sea turtles, while surrounded by spectacular views of the Mexican coastline.

Mexico City

If you did not opt for one of the many tropical beaches of Mexico, but for the capital Mexico City, your children will not be neglected there either.

There are ancient irrigation canals built by the Aztecs, and you can paddle down them while reliving history and admiring the parks and the cityscape of Mexico City.

Speaking of parks, the biggest park in the Western hemisphere, the Chapultepec Park is located in the center of this massive city. However, relaxing in the park is just a part of it. There are numerous activities to do in Chapultepec. The zoo is located there, as well as several different museums and even an open air stage for plays and concerts.

The Ancient Ruins

However, the most common reason why people choose to visit Mexico City and not the coast are the ancient ruins of Tenochtitlan, an ancient capital of the Aztec Empire.

The most prominent features of this fantastical open air museum are buildings such as Templo Major, the Temple of the Sun, the Eagle’s House and the famous ball game court called Tlachtli.

Wherever you end up going and whatever you do, consult some of these tips to help you get around Mexico more easily Your children and your whole family will thank you.

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