Special birthday gift ideas for outside celebration

July 25, 2018

Birthdays are the most special day of the year in a person’s life, for some, it is their own birthdays while for others it is their loved one’s birthdays. Distance should never become a problem when it comes to relationships. With the increasing techy and handy tools now, cakes can be customized in innumerable shapes, sizes and what not. Try something different this time and celebrate your birthday with your loved one at a special place with some special gifts? Spend a day at the orphanage, or at the old age home, distribute food to the poor, do things that will impact others in a good way, make someone else’s day special. Even if you visit an old age home for an hour and listen to what these people have to say, that is just enough. Else you could have a fun and thrilling experience by doing some crazy things:

Hot balloon rides

Hot air balloon rides not only gives some real travel goal pictures but is also known for its romantic feels. A calm tea at the dawn in a café at a nearby spot will probably become the cherry on the cake for your evening. Usually, mornings and evenings are the best time to plan a ride. Spend a calm and romantic getaway with this idea.

Paintball fighting

For the fun and frolic activities, one can go for some sporty activities like a gaming arena, one with the water gun fights, moto bike racing, paintball fighting. You can plan a mini trip to this kind of place on your friend’s birthday. For the evening you can all go to Dominos and enjoy a large cheese burst pizza! A perfect ending to a perfect day.

Lantern night for the Disney feels

Paper lanterns are pretty new as compared to any other thing, an evening dawn with a dark sky and hundreds of paper lanterns floating up above will be an exact replica of the scene from “’Tangled” movie where they ride in a tiny boat and the sky is lit up with lanterns.

Rooftop Dinner

There are innumerable restaurants in every city which offer fine dining or rooftop dinners with some royal wine or scotch on the rocks with light music. Celebrate your partner’s birthday in a power couple way.

A beautiful day with some café hopping

Go for brunches in cutesy little cafes, go strolling the streets early in the morning, have a cup of hot coffee at the corner shop, cut a little pastry with a candle on top and a bouquet in hands. Make it a subtle and a gorgeous birthday

Send flowers to your loved ones

You plan for the D-day well enough but somehow things just mess up. Either you get late or your gift gets late or it is just the monotonous chaotic life struggles like TRAFFIC or a 9-5 JOB. No matter how cliché the idea sounds but some fresh flowers and a handmade note can cover up for your absence in a way. Let your close ones know how much you love them by sending flowers online to them on their special birthday.

Best Online florists

You pamper your near ones like anything in the whole wide world, you want the best for them and you should get them the best! The top-notch online florists are now collectively put under one page from where you can order and buy a single stem, a bouquet or an entire truck full of roses. Send flowers to your family members or partner with us and the best of online florists.

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