5 Important Things To Look For When Booking A Hotel

August 10, 2018

With the advancement of technology and continuous innovations, some of the most imaginative and creative hotels are being developed in the world today.  New properties and entrepreneurs are pushing the boundaries of what a traditional hotel experience must be like. Irrespective of how much the hotels innovate, there are basic requirements that customers are always looking for and hotels must meet these demands. Here are key things that you should look for in a hotel.


The location and setting of a hotel is a crucial factor. The location must be easily accessible and feasible to ensure that you can easily access tourist attractions and picnic spots, especially for those planning family outings or a holiday. For clients on business trips, proximity to nearby cities is crucial. The hotel should also be in close proximity to shopping malls to guarantee easy access to whatever you need.


When choosing a hotel, you should ensure that it is easily accessible by road, train or air. If you are in a new destination, you want a facility that has hotel shuttle services to a nearby railway station or airport. The hotel should also be accessible through public transport as it will make your trip more manageable and easier. This is important, especially if you plan on moving a lot during your stay.


Your preferred hotel such as The Inn at Gothic Eves should have basic facilities depending on your type of stay. For a family holiday, a swimming pool and kids’ area will be ideal. However, if your trip is for business purposes, then Wi-Fi connectivity and other business level services should be a priority. If you are a pet lover and wish to bring your furry friend along, then a pet-friendly accommodation will be suitable.

Adequate security and safety

Most hotels often function as a home away from home. A good hotel will employ the most stringent security and safety measures. This will ensure that guests enjoy their stay without any fear for their security and that of their possessions. Good facilities will offer personalized security measures for various guest profiles, for instance, the elderly, women, and children. Technology plays a crucial role in offering better security. However, some guests still prefer human touch.


When it comes to choosing the best hotel, cleanliness is a must. All hotels must maintain the highest standards of cleanliness inside and outside their property. They should offer clean public spaces, bathrooms, sleeping areas, and even amenities. While recycling is an important initiative, it should never mean a lack of hygiene in a hotel. Guests enjoy staying in a clean and healthy environment, and they will keep coming back to a clean facility.

Price Factor

When booking a hotel, the price is a huge consideration. Before making your final call, you should keep in mind other value added services such as extended hour room service, or laundry that will make your stay comfortable. Be sure to look for facilities that offer luxurious accommodation at attractive prices within your budget. You can get the best hotel by making online comparisons of different facilities.

When choosing a hotel, make sure that you check its reviews. You should search for reviews shared by consumers who have stayed there and know whether their ultimate experience was good or bad. Hotel review sites, online travel forums, and even social media platforms can enable you to find the information you want. You should always ensure that you make the best decision because your choice of hotel will have a significant impact on your holiday or business trip.

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