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August 22, 2018

The retail world impresses one and all with its style and opulence! Recently, many retail brands have been waking up to new designing, and interior decor tends. One of the major ones was adopting the latest colour trend, i.e. the Millennial Pink. Most retail stores signed up for this trend to up their visual appeal. And it helped in maximising the overall footfall in their retail space.

Millennial colour alone wasn’t the only shade that brought in a wave of aesthetic and design change in the retail space. Retail brands realised that the look of their retail store needs to be more than just a visual treat. Customers today are attracted to decor and design with a thought! Everything from the rich curtains, delicate pink carpets, upholstery and colour blocking needs to present the pulse of the new age customer. Hence, several retail brands have said yes to soft lighting and mirror, copper and brass trails, solid forms and so on. If you wish to have a glimpse of these trends, you can research in the retail space Monash and other similar names. It will help you understand the changing retail space trends better.

Some of the trends that the retail industry has been adapting to include the following:

1. A gallery style architecture

The gallery type architecture is what you can expect to see more in the modern-day retail spaces. This style is evident in a subtler manner. As the name suggests, using this style the retail stores can generate a gallery ambience. The gallery style look is one that introduces high-end aesthetics inside the store. The critical elements of this style are spaciousness, minimal decor, optimised use of space and a vibrant colour display.

2. Chic designs for Instagram and other social media sites

Latest customer behaviour research has revealed that setting up a pleasant experience for customers is also a kind of currency! It leads to shareable moments. For this, the retail spaces are counting on retailtainment. The stores are emphasising design features in-store along with the only intention so that people share these moments on their social media accounts. The elements incorporated here include vibrant internal architecture, areas that are perfect for selfies, leveraging the present-day popular colours, VR experiences and pop-ups.

When customers are impressed with the decor of retail space, it calls for more online shares of the store. It translates to higher brand recall, increased word of mouth publicity and increased footfall.

3. Playing with the theme of serenity

Global mindfulness as a trend has risen to a great extent. And as this becomes even more prevalent, retail space and brand are trying to integrate this element in their design. The various aspects of this trend get reflected in features that are close to a natural environment and sustainable materials. All these create a serene ambience in the retail store.

Gone are the days, when a retail space was strictly for shopping, paying bills and retiring back home. Retail stores today are zones that also entertain people as it offers products that customers require. Retail designing today has incorporated trends that make malls and shopping stores visually appealing and engaging. As customers, today stay loyal to brands where they find a strong connection.

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