Five Cool Vacation Ideas That Let You Stay Sober At The Same Time In California

November 20, 2020

Entering rehab centers in California and completing your treatment program with flying colors is no easy feat. Recovering from any form of substance abuse is a long, hard-fought battle, and it also takes a lot of courage and acceptance to finally get clean. To celebrate this momentous occasion, taking a few days off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is a great idea. But now that you are sober, you need to be smart when planning your vacation in order to prevent relapse.  

When creating your itinerary, it is a good rule of thumb to avoid places where consuming alcohol and taking legal recreational drugs are encouraged. Removing pubs, bars, and bud and breakfasts from the list will help keep you away from temptation. Next, you will want to fill your days with activities that promote healthy living, pique your curiosity, and expand your appreciation for your new lease on life. Here are five cool ideas for a vacation in and around California that you can add to your list:

1. Take A Health And Wellness Vacay

If the stresses of city life are starting to get to you, it is the perfect time to drop everything and go on a health and wellness getaway. There are a lot of places in California located in quiet, picturesque areas that magnify the positive effects of rest and relaxation. You can book a room at a hotel in places like Carmel-by-the-Sea and enjoy the scenic views this quaint beach city has to offer. You can also enroll in a yoga camp in San Diego and reach a state of calm while improving your body awareness. Looking for a more intense health and wellness retreat instead? Then consider joining the monks of the abbey on Mount Shasta to strengthen your spirituality.

2. Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Aside from its sunny urban beaches, California also has many places of interests where you can enjoy the great outdoors. Yosemite National Park, for example, makes for a great destination if you want to surround yourself with lush greenery and other natural wonders. Here, you can take a hiking tour or spend several days camping with your friends and family. Another activity you should consider is hitting the slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and experience the fun in California’s colder environments. No matter the season, you can always find a way to get in touch with nature in the state.

3. Explore California’s Art Scene

California is rich in history and culture, so many of its cities and towns boast destinations that showcase local, as well as international art and talent. In San Francisco, you can spend an entire day checking out the different art galleries that display various eclectic and contemporary works of art. You can also visit museums that focus on a certain theme, whether it is music, natural history, or even penny arcade games and artifacts. Taking in California’s art scene with a sober mind helps place you in a meditative state, which can help spark the creativity in you.

4. Taste The Best Californian Dishes

Another way to get to know the culture of California is by eating your way through the state’s must-have eats. California is a melting pot of different ethnicities, so it boasts a unique food scene you cannot find anywhere else. Here you can find the culinary traditions of Mexico and Latin America mixing with those of Japan, the Philippines, China, Thailand, and Vietnam, as well as those of European countries like Spain, Portugal, France, and Italy. Taking a foodie tour in California will allow you to appreciate the diverse flavors that make the state a great culinary destination. It will also help you keep your mind off of drugs and alcohol since your taste buds are experiencing something new and exciting.

5. Hop On A Sober Cruise

There are many cruise liners and travel agencies in California that offer sober cruises for those who want to explore the state in an alcohol-free environment. Sober cruising provides guests with the same cruise experience and amenities, but removes alcohol from the equation. This way, recovering individuals can learn to have fun without the danger of a relapse. Sober cruises are also great activities where like-minded people can meet. Here, you can foster friendships with other recovering individuals and create a supportive community where everyone is determined to help each other stay clean.

Vacationing after completing your rehabilitation program is both a new and challenging experience. This is especially true if you have relied on drinking alcohol or taking drugs to feel happy or have fun. Thankfully, there are a lot of leisure destinations and recreational activities in California that can complement your new sober lifestyle. Wellness getaways help you realign with your true self while stepping into the outdoors can strengthen your physical and mental wellbeing. Exploring California’s art and food scenes, on the other hand, opens up your mind and teaches you to embrace new things. Moreover, taking a sober cruise with other recovering individuals can give you a new social life after getting treatment. With these five cool ideas, and others like them, vacationing while sober is sure to be a great experience.

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