Got A Few Hours To Spare In California?

February 12, 2021

California is one of the most famous states in the USA and it is hard to pinpoint what it is famous for exactly as there are just too many things that contribute to its popularity. Being in California you can not run out of things to do as every other place has some of the other attractions to it. So, if you somehow find yourself with a day or even a few hours to simply pass the time, we have prepared a list of some exciting things that you can do.

Laze About Sight-Seeing Places

There are many sightseeing places in California and wherever you go in the state you will find many options that will amaze you and attract you to them. The Bristlecone Pine Forest is a very famous place where you can check out some very old and artistically twisted trees of the forest. You can also explore the artwork In the Anza Borrego Desert, which is truly breathtaking. There are thousands of other places to visit for sightseeing and you can browse the internet for more.

Visit The Wine Country

California is responsible for almost 90% of the manufacturing of all the wine that is produced in the United States. The view is truly breathtaking and spending a day in the vineyards can be a mesmerizing experience. You will get to experience the meticulous stages of winemaking and will get to taste some of the finest wines the place has to offer. You can visit Napa which is famous for such vineyards and experiences.

Spend A Few Hours At A Weed Cafe

Since recreational weed was legalized in the state along with 10 others, there has been a boom in cafes and shops that offer a place for a person to relax and smoke some high-quality greens. You can use different equipment to amplify your experiences, such as vaporizers or dab rigs. You can find some amazing collections here, to experience the flavors of your favorite strains in the best possible way. Some of the best weed cafes like Cannabis Cafe, Weed Bus Cafe, and others have trained staff and once you enter time will start flying along with the smoke of the sensual kush.

Chill In The Hot Springs

It might be a cliche to sit and chill in the hot springs and relax, but it is by far the most relaxing activity you can do in a day. The hot springs at East Sierra are known to offer the best views and water at just the perfect temperature to make you forget all your troubles. This immersive experience is an ideal way to while away time in comfort.

Trek To The Hollywood Sign

You cannot claim to have visited L.A. or even C.A. if you have not trekked up to the famous ‘Hollywood’ sign and clicked a few pictures there. Be wary of the law as many have tried to scale the sign and have found themselves in trouble, but relaxing near it and clicking a few photos should not be offensive to anyone.

These are probably the most exciting and comforting things you can do while away time in C.A. Of course the state is home to some of the best clubs and beaches, but we would want to do something off the books. Go through this list to see if you find something that interests you.

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