Fun Activities To Do With The Kids On A Rainy Day

November 24, 2017

We have all been there; you have the whole day planned out to include a picnic and plenty of fresh air, and suddenly the heavens open and you are facing altogether soggier prospects. While it can feel as though the wet weather is ruining everything, believe me when I say that your day is salvageable. Indeed, there are plenty of activities that you can undertake indoors instead, which are often just as interesting or engaging as the trip you had planned.

Why do you not take a look at these activities as inspiration? A rainy day is only as disappointing as you allow it to be! Besides, these ideas might just be the budget-friendly activities for which you have always been searching:

Cook Up A Storm In The Kitchen

If you cannot head outside to enjoy your picnic, why not make for the kitchen instead? Children love helping their parents to cook and create wonderful dishes, so enlist a little help with that evening’s meal preparation. You could also take the opportunity to bake some cakes, biscuits, or sweet treats too; since Christmas is around the corner, your friends and family might appreciate a few early gifts. Explore your recipe books or online cookery books for a new meal that you would like to try, before heading to the store to source the ingredients. You might as well attempt to create fun and be productive at the same time!

Have A Movie Day

There is nothing quite like a movie day when it is whipping up a storm outside; it might be very cold out there, but inside you are as snuggly as can be. Make the most of such an occasion with popcorn, sweet treats, and hot chocolate, which can be devoured as you watch some of your favorite movies or discover new classics. Encourage your children to discuss their favorite moments of the film or consider recreating scenes and characters with items from your dressing-up boxes and wardrobes. Can anyone guess who you are pretending to be?

Have An Outdoor Day Indoors

So, you cannot head outside to enjoy your picnic? There is no reason why you cannot bring elements of the outdoors inside and enjoy a picnic experience. Lay a patchwork of blankets on your living room carpet to create the illusion that you are sprawled on the grass. You could even play birdsong to encourage your children to imagine they are outside. If you have access to a large garage space take your outdoorsy games in there instead, before retreating to your cozy picnic area to sample the food you prepared for your day out.

Create A New World

On those days that you are not able to head outside and interact with the world consider creating your own, indoor landscapes instead. Build the tallest Lego structures that you can muster, lay the longest railway track you have ever seen, or craft a sprawling town that your children’s toys can inhabit for the day; what famous landmarks or attractions can you travel to in your imaginations? A car set or the Magic Tracks 220 piece set will provide hours of fun and that is before it is built and ready for racing. Such fun and games are incredibly rewarding as you look back and admire your creations.

Get Crafty And Creative

If you are going to be stuck inside you might as well take the opportunity to create something wonderful, right? Many of us have cupboards stuffed with materials and kits that we never get around to using. Those rainy days are perfect for indulging in a little crafting; for painting and coloring in, or for modeling something exciting with a bit of dough. Allow your kids’ imaginations to run riot and see what kinds of colorful creations you can come up with. Well, it is Christmas in a matter of weeks!

Ignore The Rain And Head Outside

Of course, there is nothing to say you must stay inside on a rainy day. In fact, when it comes to carefree fun few activities are quite as enticing as leaping into a few muddy puddles, well, when you are a child, that is. If a sudden downpour scuppers your plans don your galoshes anyway, and head into your backyard for a little splashing, and a lot of laughs. Perhaps you could award prizes for the biggest splash, or race raindrops as they slide down your windows; the rainy-day possibilities are endless.

When it comes to rainy day activities the only limit is your imagination; whether you are baking, creating, building, or snuggling beneath a duvet these moments are to be enjoyed. After all, your little ones’ childhoods are fleeting and will be over before you know it. So, the next time it starts to rain you know what to do. Rather than feeling disheartened that your plans have been altered embrace the opportunity to be spontaneous; come on, remember what it was like to be a kid again!

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