Tips for Enhancing your Holiday Photographs

November 25, 2017

Taking memorable photographs is often a major part of festive occasions and holidays. If you seek to enhance your holiday photography and ensure that your shots effectively capture special moments and the highlights of the season, there are things you can do to get your imagery right every time.

It is important to remember that you may not always be able to get specific sets of people together or particular events under similar circumstances. This is why you need to make an effort to get each of your shots right to avoid missing worthwhile photo opportunities.


One of the key steps to successful holiday photography is to be prepared ahead of time. Ensure that your camera equipment is in good working condition. If you prefer film, make sure you have enough in stock and for digital photography fans; memory cards should always be ready. Get the lenses you need and make sure they are accessible. It is always a good idea to take camera shots that will enable you to determine the best settings on the camera.

Environment and Lighting

  • Take as much control as you possibly can of the environment. Prepare for challenging weather conditions if you plan to spend the holiday in an outdoor setting. Your camera should be ready for outdoor usage in case most of the action will be going on outside.
  • Having a lot of natural light is preferable and when you are inside, you can use the windows to control the amount of light with blinds or drapes. Visit Product Photographers Los Angeles
  • Take a number of shots while using the camera flash as well some without the flash.
  • For family holiday portraits, improvements can be made by ensuring that people are appropriately dressed. Give the gathering an opportunity to change into suitable outfits for the portrait.

Focusing on the Subjects

Concentrate on capturing the people in the pictures. Along with including special buildings, candles, trees or any other inanimate object as well as taking a few shots of such objects on their own, the rue value of a holiday experience is the people. Whether it is a large gathering of friends, family or you and your partner, the people involved are important.

Backgrounds of Photographs

Pay keen attention to what is going on in the background as you photograph people. Photobombing is a common phenomenon that can be funny and interesting but it can also be inconvenient. You do not want to end up with random pets in photographs or images that appear to show that a person is growing a tree out of their shoulder.

Different Shots

Get a wide variety of shots. Along with the standardized photos that are associated with holidays, make an effort to capture the entire experience.

  • Take shots throughout the day; including early morning, evening and after dark.
  • A few candid shots when no one is expecting to be photographed are a great way to capture genuine moments. With preparation, the general appearance of candid shots can be improved.

Photograph the food and delicacies that are consumed while on holiday. Photograph dining tables, capture food preparation, the barbeque and candles being lit on the cake. Any holiday or special imagery is worth saving.

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